Dranon's delight IX

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After making a few too many Chaos Marines Cultist broke free when her original child Blackheart came to her aid. They ran through the chaos stronghold trying to find an exit, until they came to a garbage chute. They slid down it not knowing that on the other end there was chaos spawn awaiting their dinners. When they arrived on the bottom, they came face to face with a pack of chaos spawn, hungry, lustful chaos spawn. Some even had penises growing out of their foreheads. The pack cornered Blackheart and Cultist "Hwee hare dddoooohmmded..." she slurred out. "Don't worry mom! We'll be alright..." Blackie tried to re-assure her. Then they heard it. A low growling, it slowly got louder as the chaos spawn backed away. The wall they were pressed up against suddenly began shaking.... "Bahlacky shweethy? Hare hyou droohlling ohn huss?"

"Mother... I don't think that's drool.." Blackheart said in his sexy Hungarian accent as he eyed the white stuff dribbling off his mothers head. "Fharking gaymeshtop." Cultist said as they both turned around to see the 15 ft tall lion headed chaos spawn. "Run on thr-*oof*" Blackie blurted out as he was knocked aside by a paw as large as his chest. All he could do was watch as the spawn began to chase his mother around the room which only had an exit unfortunately blocked by the other spawn. His mother was pinned against a wall and the great beasts pink shaft had begun to pulse from it's sheath. "No." Blackie thought. "NO!" There it was again. "NO!" Louder than ever before. It just kept echoing in his head as he charged towards the towering beast his fist balled up as jumped. "NO!!!!!" it resounded drowning out the dripping, the crying and the growling as his fist descended into the beasts skull it's brains splattering across the room as the weight of him and his power armor crushed it.

"Taht wash... ahmay zing... Blackie..." Cultist gasped out as she watched the beasts "life" fade away. "No time for that mother!" Blackie said triumphantly as he lifted her off her feet and began sprinting towards the chaos spawn blocking the exit. Surprisingly all the chaos spawn backed out of his way, relieved to have the largest competitor for food out of the way and not wanting to tangle with someone who took out what all of them could not. Cultist and Blackheart thought they were home free... until they exited the cave and found themselves facing a blue sunset splashing light across a veritable wasteland. Not a building in sight. "Looks like we'll be staying the night huh mother?" Blackie commented insightfully, "Yesh hwee whill... ishn't hit sho bee- bea- bootiful?" Cultist said as they watched the amazing blue sunset together.

As soon as the sun set the two realized that they need to find cover and get away from this chaotic birth place. So Blackheart ran with his mother in his arms until he couldn't run anymore, then he crawled with her on his back. He passed out mere meters from a cave. "Hwaht a sheelly shon ohf mhine." Blackheart heard as he awoke to a stroking of his forehead, "M-mother? A-are we safe yet?" he asked like a small child. "Hyes dharling.. we hare shafe..." was the last thing he heard before he lost consciousness once more.

Blackheart awoke to a strange moaning and himself lacking his armor. It did not take him long to jump to his feet and look about for danger only to spy Cultist in the corner wiggling about with her fingers working on her tender pussy. "Mother? Wha- what are you doing?" He approached her cautiously as she did not answer in the throes of her orgasm. He could feel himself hardening but was still unsure about the situation as he was only recently turned. "Kha-khame her- ahhh... shon... Mo-mommy hash a suhparize fohr hyuu..." Blackie slid closer and closer until he was in Cultists reach where she instantly latched onto his hips and began to tease the tip of his throbbing cock with her tongue. "Ah! Please! Keep ah. Going! Mo-AGH!" As soon as she had started he had coated her in his seed of evil, plastered across her face she just laughed before going back at it, this time allowing it inside her mouth where even half flaccid it was well inside her throat.

As he hardened Blackie began thrusting until he was facefucking her with the full force of a space marine, Cultist barely knew what was happening until Blackheart had already came inside her throat. "H-HONEY" She said as she pulled herself off his pulsating member. "Mhawmy nheedsh to fheel ghood shoo." Cultist said lustily as she leaned back allowing a full view of her glistening flower. Blackheart instinctively knew what came next, he was attempting to stick it in faster than you can say FUCKING GAMESTOP. He fumbled as a novice holding a multi-melta for the first time. And he certainly was equipped like a multimelta! "Shtop. Hyou're embaharassing hyouself." Cultist stammered as she guided him towards her wet hole with a steady hand. "Nhow phu- GUH!" She started before Blackie so rudely interrupted her with a sharp thrust all the way to the womb.

Blackie was taking her, he was taking her hard and rough. But Cultist loved it. Even though he was technically her son she couldn't help it, it might've been a side effect of the drugs. Or she might just be a dirty whore. She didn't care. All she cared about was every thrust her little chaos marine was giving her, tearing her up. "MOM! I LOVE YOU MOM!" Blackheart screamed out as he bucked even harder. "Y-ye-SHON! FHARK HUS HARDER!" She was almost on the brink and she knew it. Blackheart somehow knew as well and suddenly changed from a wild bucking to a precise aimed fucking machine, rubbing her all the right ways Cultist wasn't going to last long. Blackheart buried his face in his mothers breasts as he gave her one last long thrust penetrating her womb to fill her with his chaos seed. "MOM!" Blackie yelled. "NOOO!" Cultist yelled as she orgasmed.... "Whorth hit.." she bleated out as she slouched on the cave floor. Blackie regained his composure as he looked at his mother. "I love you mom. But there's something I have to tell you... Now I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called bel air." And all was good.

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