Dranon's delight V

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The planetary purge was... not going well. In its relatively short time here, Chaos had secured the place pretty damn good. Despite all their military strength, the numbers of the Imperial Guard, the earthshaking power of their artillery, the unstoppable charge of their tanks, and the superhuman might of the Astartes, the forces of the Imperium of Man... were getting their asses handed to themselves so damn bad.

The guardsmen were fleeing, crying for their mommies as they went. Their commissar turned and ran as well, for about a second, before shooting himself in the head. And the massive, gigantic, superhuman thing was still approaching, unfettered, not even flinching as some brave, soon dead, guardsman shot him in the head. His left arm extended, the bolter it carried belching its deadly warcry, and the guardsman toppled dead, in many many pieces. More shots came from his side, bouncing off his power armor: his right arm extended, his other bolter fired, and more guardsmen blew up in a shower of gore and innards. All the while, his other gun chose more targets, shooting them all dead. All the while, his feet carried him forwards.

A cigar stump fell down from his mouth, and he crushed it underfoot as he picked another one, and lit it. Inhaling its fumes, Dranon looked around. Guardsmen everywhere, all dead. A few Leman Russes, destroyed, still burning. A couple Space Marines, still twitching - he put more bullets into them, and their movements stopped. Yet there was no sign of the girl. "Now where the fuck did she go again?", he mused.

He aimed to his left, slightly upwards, and fired. Miles away, the Vindicare assassin, most definitely unseen by him, blew up.

"Hwee cap-toored it!"

The cultist of Chaos danced around the banner she herself had just erected, laughing and singing. The particular strategic point had belonged to Chaos to begin with, but she wasn't too picky: she just loved capturing.

She was so happy and so full of herself she didn't notice the two gigantic figures until they were almost at her. Then she looked. The two Marines were breathing heavily, and it was evident, even with their helmets on, that they were both fucking pissed. Cultist-Chan's happy and cheerful smile most definitely didn't help jack shit.

"They're using little kids now?", one said, his voice shaking with uncontrollable anger. "They are putting children in the front line, to fight the glorious Astartes?" His head bowed down, and his palm came to touch his forehead. "Ohh, as if I wasn't angry to begin with..."

"You know what must be done with her," the other growled. "We must... purge her!"

"Yes! We shall purge her spirit so that she may not be slave to Chaos and darkness!"

Throughout this whole extremely angry discussion, Cultist had merely smiled at them. She laughed as one of the Angry Marines grabbed her by the back of her head, his hand large enough to be able to squish it like a grapefruit, lifted her up, and slammed her face-first to his chest plate, breaking her nose and spurting blood everywhere. As his other hand began to remove his lower armor, the other Marine moved on behind her, grabbed her underwear - the only thing she was wearing - and ripped them off.

She screamed of pain and pleasure as the Marine in front of him, against whose cold chest plate her face was being scraped upon, rammed himself within her, still dry and unaroused, stretching her to almost impossible levels. She began to bleed profusely as skin and muscle tore open under the merciless assault of the Marine. Her strength drained, she could but whimper as the other Marine invaded her from behind, tearing her bowels wide open and causing horrible and deadly internal injuries, as well as external. She was coughing blood, as if anyone here cared. She had lost all feeling of her lower body, preventing her from feeling any pleasure from the act, but she knew that both Khorne and Slaanesh would be happy, and as such didn't care about that either.

And so the Marines began their violent and extremely angry assault on her, pulling themselves out almost completely, only to immediately pump back inside, injuring her even further. Over and over they violated her, with enough strength to break through adamantium, let alone human flesh, screaming and cursing violently all the while. But mercifully enough for her, the act did not last long: it was of common knowledge that the Angry Marine geneseed was flawed, often cursing them with the insufferable problem of premature ejaculation, that would of course only serve to make them even angrier. "FFFFFFFFFF...", both Marines began to inhale, as they bit their lower lips behind their helmets, a clear sign that they were about to reach the end, after scant seconds of angry loving.

"...FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!", they finished, as their climaxes hit. Cultist shruddered violently under the assault, as countless gallons of superhuman seed invaded her heretical body like tiny meteorites of pure anger, with well more than enough force and momentum to break straight through the inner tissue of her body, making their way upwards through her, shattering and liquefying her from within like Harlequin's Kiss. She gave one final violent cough of blood, straight to the chest plate of the Angry Marine in front of her ("Aww, fuck! Do you know how goddamn hard this is to clean off, Chaos whore?!"), before light finally faded away from her eyes. She had been given peace.

The Marines fist-bumped above her head. Mission complete.

There was a heavy thud on left of them. Both Marines looked, and saw, to their horror, one particular Chaos Space Marine. His cigar fell from his mouth as Dranon's jaw dropped, a terrible disgusted look on his face. He looked at the two Angry Marines, and the bloodied corpse between them: the Loyalists looked at her, briefly, then back to him. "...Fuck.", one of them insightfully noted.

Soon, confusion gave way to anger: by this point it was extremely clear which Chapter Dranon had belonged before turning to Chaos. "Just what the fuck is going on here?" His voice sounded calm and collected, but it could easily be seen that he was positively fuming. "No one, and I repeat no one, has any right to rape that Cultist, except me! ...And some of my friends," he added. "And those who pay me. But that still doesn't include you!" The last sentence is what got the Marines trembling: if they weren't so angry, they would be afraid.

The best defense is good offense - this even read at the Angry Marines codex - and so, with an angry yell, they charged him. It might have looked impressive, except they still had no pants on. Dranon easily, nonchalantly, evaded the first swing of power fist, grabbed the offending Marine's hand, and easily snapped it in two. "Ow, FUCK YOU THAT HURT!", commented the Marine. He threw him aside as he took on the second attacker, leisurely dodging the power sword and punching its wielder in the stomach. As the Marine bent in two and hold himself, Dranon took his head to his hand and forced him down on his knees.

By the time the first attacking Marine had finally gotten back up for a second attack, their opponent had moved behind the second Marine, removed his own pants, and was in the middle of pushing himself within the screaming Brother. As Dranon's other foe charged in, ignoring the pain in his hand, the Traitor turned to face him and screamed "YOU! GET THE FUCK BEHIND ME RIGHT NOW!". He obeyed: Angry Marines had a serious psychological compulsion to unquestionably follow anyone's orders who could scream harder than they. There were exactly five beings in the entire galaxy who could do so that didn't already belong to their Chapter, and Dranon clearly qualified as one of them.

"NOW RAM IT IN!", he continued, and the Marine behind him did as was told. Dranon relaxed himself to accommodate the three feet of Angry Marine within himself, then pulled back from the other Marine under him, and violently pushed back in. The top of their pile quickly took the hint, and began to move himself in and out of the Traitor under him as well. "HARDER, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!", Dranon yelled at him disapprovingly. "HARDER! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE A GODDAMN ANGRY MARINE! NOW SHOW ME YOUR ANGER!". Hardly requiring a reason to do so, the young and inexperienced Angry Marine thought of all the things that made him so very pissed off, and within moments he was back in horrible berserk fury, pumping Dranon like a piston, and receiving a groan of approval in return.

As Dranon's own smooth movements continued, he reached with one hand under the bottom Marine, quickly finding what he was looking for. The Loyalist grunted in pleasure as he grabbed it firmly but gently, and began to harshly stroke it with his hand. The top one raised his own hand, and brought it down hard on Dranon's bottom, and was rewarded with a pained yelp. "TAKE IT ALL, YOU CHAOS BITCH!", he screamed at the heat of the moment, and Dranon grinned.

Only some minutes of angry threesome later, they were all about to reach to the end. The top Marine was first, screaming in anger and pleasure as his climax hit, bursting his hot sticky load into the bowels of the one under him. Dranon joined his scream mere moments after, as the Loyalist liquid warmed his insides and made him feel better than in centuries, quickly prompting him to fire his own volley at the second Angry Marine. He, of course, could not last any longer, yelling a litany of curses as his own seed salvo left his body, digging through stone earth and burying several feet underground.

Then they all cuddled for a while and went to sleep.

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