Dranon's delight VI

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It was dark.

It was dark when she opened her eyes, her head still throbbing from before. She had no idea what had happened. All she could remember was she was that she was piggy riding with one of the Obliterators while Dranon was jabbing some "adult's business" with Iron Warriors.

Taking stock of her limbs and the sensations on them, the first thing that she noticed without even opening her eyes was that she was lying down on some sort of examination table.

Cultist could feel the cool metal against the bare skin of her shoulders and thighs, which meant that her rags had been removed.

She was completely naked, save for some sort of tube between her lips.

She slowly shakes her head, and looks around, her senses returning slowly to her. She was becoming aware of so many things, a distant vibration, and the sound of gears shifting.

She violently shook and pulled, but her position did not change, her ankles and wrists were bound down with some form of metallic cuffs, and her legs were further restrained by set of thick leather straps.

Cultist's muscles were weak, so she was apparently being bounded for quite long time.

Some sort of liquid started to flow to her mouth from the tube.

“Mmmph!” Cultist protested, and attempting to spit the tube out, only to realize that it was affixed to her face by a gag that wrapped around behind her head, unyielding but not uncomfortable.

In her weakness, she could only cautiously suck the tube, which rewarded her with a warm substance flowing into her mouth, sweet and salty at the same time.

"Ah, good morning, little girl." The voice was sweet and cold at the same time.

The voice seemed to have come from everywhere and nowhere all at once. She blinked at the darkness and turned her head, trying to find the sound. Not that it worked.

A figure stretched itself over her. Cultist blinked her eyes, and now she saw rather gruesome sight. The speaker was apparently female. Skinny and pallid, like something that had been dug from a grave and stitched together.

Stitched together was good conceit, as there were stitches all over her body. Stitches on her face made her look like she was always smiling creepy smile. This combined with the fact that she was being held somewhere against her will made Cultist shudder in fear.

"Hmm? Not very talkative today, i see." Cultist tried to scream to respond, but the tube in her mouth effectively prevented all talking.

"Oh, silly me. Let's get rid of that thing..." the stitched woman giggled and removed the feeding tube.

Cultist took deep breath and coughed.

"Wheer ahre whee?" she muttered.

"Well! You have the honor to be part of the Daemonculaba system!"

Cultist responded with blank stare, indicating that the word "Daemonculaba" was totally alien to her.

"Well, people outside the Biologis wing of the Dark Mechanicus are not very familiar with the term, so allow me to explain." She cleared her throat.

"Have you ever wondered where all the chaos space marines come from? Though they are something akin to gods to you, even they come from somewhere, and that somewhere is You! First, we will feed you 'till you have enough mass to bear a marine, then we alter your insides with chemicals, plus one hundred more little things, and so on...any questions?"

Cultist went completely speechless at first. After a long silence she dared to ask

"Haw deed ghet heer?"

"Ah, your master sold you to us. He told that you can bear great weight and you have already given birth to at least one child. You look pretty young, but Dranon is battle-brother Yghet's long time friend and the price was so low so we simply couldn't resist..."

"Bhut nhobody askeed mee...phlees let me go.." she replied sadly. "I'm sorry but i can't do that, and he's already paid so..."

The heretek stared cultist's sad eyes for awhile and begun to smile. "If that was all - let's begin the operation!"

Cultist tried to struggle, but as she was chained down, there was not much she could do. She stuck the tube back to Cultist mouth. Then, Cultist felt sting in her buttock, and fell asleep immediately.

Cultist was awoken by horrible stomach pain. Wide plastic tube full of a thick chunky yellow goo going down her throat, she felt the pulses from the pump, she felt painfully full.

She couldn’t make a sound since the tube clogged her throat, so could only watch in horror as the fluid made its way past her mouth.

“It’s a lil' cocktail that maximizes your fat cells growth. I mixed up some all-purpose vitamin-mush and large dose of proteins. It also has some spur in it, to help you deal with this pain,

as well as slow your metabolism. This feeding pump fills your stomach day and night with my home made fat enhancer,

and at the end of the tube there’s sensor to monitor your stomachs capacity, so the flow of the food will be adjusted to keep your belly completely full.

You’ve been unconscious for the last 48 hours this was to let the fat enhancer effects build up.”

She said as she patted Cultist's belly and felt the firmness of her stomach walls underneath a blanket of fat. Cultist was in tears she could already heavy load inside crammed inside her.

Then she sat down for a moment, just long enough to see the machine working, causing Cultist's eyes to widen with terror as she saw her slim body fading away under her regenerated fat cells.

Her stomach that had expanded so much she looked as she was in the first half of a pregnancy along with some newly formed stretch marks, her body was now plump and curvier with a layer of

fatness . Cultist was wailing, but due to being drugged up and could only shudder helplessly as the lard flowed into body to be absorbed by her body fat.

"Relax, the machine will do all the work, and you just need to enjoy. I'm leaving now, but I'll check few days later what kind of progress you have made!"

She left, and now the only voice in the room was the neverending hissing of the feeding machine.

Cultist, due to being drugged up all day was usually half asleep, her stomach continuous expansing, causing agonizing pain, but the drugs made Cultist to ignore it. She did not even notice how the cell's door opened and the heretek came in.

"Good...good..." Woman gave calculating look to Cultist, bit her pen and wrote something to her dataslate. "It seems that you are soon ready to bear a new space marine candidate. But before that, we need to do some preparations."

She picked something that looked distantly like huge syringe from nearby box. "As you might already know, nothing bigger than sperm is not meant to stay longer in woman's body, but because space marines are such extraordinary people, we can't presume that they would be made just like normal people."

She turned around and showed her chem-injector to Cultist who was daunted. "Okay, this might sting a bit..." She struck the syringe to Cultist pussy with force, and injected all the green goo in it into Cultist.

Cultist's face blushed and grew hot and her breath short. Her vision became fuzzy and her hands began to tremble. More alarmingly, however, she could feel her clitoris instantly swell, her genitalia becoming hot and sensitive.

After that, however, she could do little besides tremble, pant, and stare ahead with glassy eyes. It felt as though a thousand tiny fingers were playing across her skin, everywhere at once – neck, stomach, the bottoms of her feet, her thighs, her nipples, her ass, and most importantly, her vagina.

On that throbbing organ, the sensations seemed to change from one moment to the next.

She felt as though a hand was touching her pussy, caressing it, fingering it. Her clitoris felt as though it was being fondled, kissed, tongued, sucked.

She could feel ghostly touches on her anus, feathery-light but insistent, like a teasing promise coming mere moments before they slipped inside.

It wasn’t long before her swollen vagina erupted, pulsing as it spurted out squirts of pussy juice into the floor. Eyes wide, Cultist grunted under her breath as

she held on tightly to her cell's bars, feeling the hot, clear liquid trickling down her inner thighs.

Almost overwhelmed with the urge to touch herself as it happened, she resisted only through sheer force of will, hoping that the feeling would pass.

"My, my..." Woman looking surprised Cultist trembling in pleasure. "There's no need to be ashamed, that is well known side-effects of the drug...that weird feeling should wear off pretty soon."

trying to cover her smile with her oversized labcoat's sleeve. Cultist blushed and tried to cover her feelings, failing miserably as she shake and sweated in ecstasy.

"I guess you need now little time for yourself, so I'm leaving now. See you tomorrow." The cell's door closed with heavy thud. Those word's were probably the best she had heard during her imprisonment.

"Early bird catches the worm!" Cultist was woken up by cheerful voice, that had become way too familiar.

"It must be really lonely to just sit all day long here in your cell!" In fact, nothing good never happened when she wanted to offer Cultist some company. "Well, you're lucky! Now we start the longest and most important part of the whole process - the space marine itself, behold, Blackheart!"

Stitched woman stood back, and young, sad looking little boy came in. "Yeah, i know. Well, i guess he will be much more impressive once he becomes a space marine." She gave both cultist and "Blackheart" her wide, charming stitched smile.

"Okay, everybody ready?" She clapped her hands. "Let's begin the operation!" Cultist begun to tremble again with fear, as she could not even move her head anymore, and was only able to hear the creepy monologue in the room.

"Let's see what we have here..." Nearly exultant with glee, she spun and fell to her knees, wrenching open a cabinet near the floor and fishing around inside for several moments.

Then she climbed back to her feet and turned to Cultist, putting herself between Cultist’s spread thighs.

“Perfect,” She exclaimed breathily at the sight of the spontaneous output.

Her gaze was unblinking as she lifted that strange instrument she held and brought it upward. Cultist lay back, not knowing what to expect and beyond the physical capacity to do anything about it.

She started to spin the device around, spreading Cultist's pussy, causing serious pain, but Cultist could only whine silently.

"Okay, Blackheart, undress yourself and c'mere." Cultist could not see what happened, but she could feel that something tried to enter her vagina.

Cultist screamed - not out of horror, but out of pain. This hurt, and she felt new tears well up in her as it began bucking into her, twisting, wiggling, her sopping wet pussy convulsing around it.

Inch by inch, it its way deeper into Cultist's sex. The excessive juice dripping from her cunt, mixed with the thing's natural excretions, made the way somewhat smoother, but the thing was fighting for every bit of space.

Finally, it nudged against a blockage; Cultist's cervix. It's body quivered; it was almost there. It gave her another hard shove, and just like that, the barrier swelled then gave way and the thing slid fully into Cultist's womb, filling it to capacity.

Seconds later she saw her belly swell just as the thing reached home, and she let out a SHRIEK as its entrance had hurt her a great deal, but something had expanded inside her.

"Phew, that was really something. So, Blackheart will be living in you for awhile, so try to be friends. Until next time, see you!"

She left as suddenly as she had come. The cell's door closed again with heavy metal thud.

Her stomach was now large and distended. Just beneath her skin, something living moved.

Cultist could feel the life within her, pulsing, squirming, growing.

She was a mother again, at long last.

Her hands went to her belly and stroked it, feeling her new child crawling beneath her fingertips.

"Ghods..." she whispered to herself.

Days passed. The life in her womb matured.

Cultist was mountainously pregnant; Her womb had become massively gravid, a constant churning of abdominal flesh as grown-up body rubbed against uterine walls and pulsed with unholy life.

Her abdomen was engorged with a massive cargo more voluminous than a nine-month term would have brought normally; her womb churned,

the life within it squirmed as it agitated for its moment of release. She grunted as she parted her legs; her labia had swelled thickly as they prepared to birth.

Blood flowed from her slit; she whimpered fearfully as she watched the mass flowed from her body, feeling the sensations of the massive flesh abomination flowed from her abused cervix and driving through her birth canal.

Her pussy lips gaped open with a slick crackle of juice; a thick gob of blood oozed from them outward and spattered to the ground between her legs.

Her pussy loosened, and the finally the creature she bared fell to the ground from Cultist’s slit with a wet slap; a trail of juices followed them as it wriggled on the ground.

"Yes! Finally i can see our creation!" the heretek cheered. The thing that Cultist had bear, wriggled on the floor screaming, stained by blood, and because of some mutation, it did not have any skin.

"So, now the final question is: Sewers or service?" Woman kneeled and closely inspected the thing. "Yup, he's fit to serve chaos." She said calmly, but it was not hard to see that she had serious problems trying to hide her true feelings.

Then suddenly she started to yell and danced around Cultist's cell "I did it! I DID IT! My very first chaos space marine! I'm surely gonna get promoted! Promotions!"

She noticed that "her chaos marine" desperately tried to stand, failing miserably. "Dawww, come with me, and I'll get you nice, warm cloth, made from genuine human skin..."

The pair disappeared to the darkness, and the cell's door closed with the familiar thud. Cultist was left alone with her thoughts.

Few minutes later Cultist heard footsteps from the hallway. It was the same, stitched heretek. "Oh, I totally forgot to tell you! You did so well, that we're gonna start the whole process again tomorrow! Isn't that great new! I'm SO proud of us!"

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