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Draphs are one of the playable races in the online Eastern RPG Granblue Fantasy, and have become an increasingly common sight on /tg/ since Granblue received its English translation in 2016. In their own setting, draphs are essentially the Dwarf race, being strong, tough and hardy warriors and miners... at least, they seem to be; Granblue isn't exactly forthcoming on its racial lore.

What makes draphs stand out from the typical dwarf is that, courtesy of JRPG and its love of doing weird slants on traditional races, draphs have a super weird case of sexual dimorphism (At least in a mammals, there are precedents among insects) going on. See, both sexes look like humans with pointy ears and horns (officially cow or goat like, but most people think they look like demons). But draph men are huge, burly guys, averaging around 220 centimeters tall, and draph women... are, well, the definition of shortstack, averaging at 120 centimeters tall and with great big breasts... no, we're not kidding - the smallest draph woman in canon so far is Yaia, at a D-cup, and she's 6 years old!

Since /tg/ always loves itself some monstergirls, draph women have become quite popular. Indeed, it's rare when a thread talking about dwarves comes up that draph women don't get mentioned, and there are anons who like to stir /tg/ up by asserting that the standard Tolkien-ripoff style dwarf is boring and dwarves would be more popular if they were replaced with draphs - or, at least, with draphs if draphs were comprised only of females and needed to mate with humans to propagate the species.

Canon Draph Characters[edit]

Male Draph[edit]

Agielba: A huge, powerful mercenary who is renowned for never failing to fulfil a contract, who runs around with armor on his soulders, legs and forearms and tanks hits on his huge biceps. Carries one of the biggest swords in the game and swings it one-handed. Also a doting mushhead for his little daughter, Ardora, who travels with him on his adventuring. Title: The Great Blade of Daybreak.

Bakura: A wandering monk-in-training who journeys the world to find the one hundred and eight forbidden requiems to reach enlightenment and save lost souls. In D&D terms, he's more of a Bard, as his powers focus on the magical melodies he plays through his flute, which can harm or heal. Title: Peace Piper.

Baotorda: A Holy Knight of Lumiel who left his order to prevent a grave injustice inflicted on the protagonist. To uphold the lofty ideals of his former order, he joins the Grandcypher on their travels. A paladin in everything but name, he's a justice-loving, heavily armored, sword & shield-wielding warrior whose interests include singing and making gourmet food. He even has an affinity for the Light element. Title: Diligent Holy Knight.

Barawa: An ex-soldier who chose to take up the profession of a detective. Unfortunately, he's not very good at it, as whilst he's strong and tough and carries a big ol' pistol, he's also something of a moron. His successes mostly come about because his partner, Sarya, is doing the thinking for him - and because his "nemesis", the gentleman thief Chat Noir, often uses him as a living weapon against the actually-evil crooks he goes up against. Title: Skydom Detective.

Galadar: A Draph warrior with a craftsman's touch, Galadar can handle anything from delicate handiwork to ship repairs, displaying an expert level of care and attention to detail that few would expect from such a hulking warrior. Galadar overwhelms his foes with swings from his mighty hammer, and the sound of his bellowing laughs lend courage to his allies, no matter how dire the situation. This fiery-bearded warrior-smith carries a huge hammer and a shield the size of a cart, making him one of the toughest characters in the game. Arguably the most dwarfy draph in the game, to the point that his Title, Draven Guard, is literally just a slightly modified version of "Dwarven Guard".

Garma: A draph thief who dual-wields a shotgun and a sabre, an orphan who grew up stealing to survive but managed to find redemption. Title: Genuine Burglar.

Ghandagoza: An ancient draph warrior who has spent decades seeking to become the ultimate brawler, honing his skills at punching shit until he has surpassed the mere arts of the monk to become a full-blown Muscle Wizard. This old geezer punches holes through mountains with his bare fists, what more do you need to know? Title: Strongest Fists Of All Time.

Pavidus: This giant of a man lives deep in the mountains. Pure of heart and weak of spirit, he spends his days running errands for his forest friends. He might seem like an easy target, but the entire forest will rise to protect its own. Basically a draph ranger with a "cowardly lion" motif. Title: Skybound.

Redluck: An eccentric Zeyen monk and competitive eater. No, seriously, he is; his Title is even given as Belly-Battling Monk, which allows him to draw physical strength and even heal himself through consuming food.

Vanzza: This one-horned warrior left home after swearing an oath to rouse his beloved from her coma. His eyes quickly fill with tears during emotional moments, but he always turns away to hide them. Title: Skybound.

Vaseraga: A mysterious Draph who wears a helmet and wields a huge scythe made to combat primal beasts. He is part of a mysterious Society with Zeta. Title: Wielder of Groanus.

Zaja: A quiet, brooding warrior that wanders the world looking for his comrades who have "become lost at the bottom of the sky". When in battle, he flies into a berserker rage, lovingly describing how he wants to carve up and rip apart his foes and begging them to do the same thing to him. This separate persona scares him, as he's not sure that he'll be able to come back from it one day. Title: Striving Warrior.

Female Draph[edit]

Aliza Clythe: A tomboyish princess of the Valtz Duchy who decides to join the crew after being rescued by them from a Primal Beast, renouncing her heritage to do so. Aiming to become the best fighter in the world, she trains every day. In a relationship with her bodyguard, Stan, a feline-featured Erune] (the obligatory weeaboo "human with animal ears & tail" race); ironically, though he's a skilled warrior himself, they both know that she's the bigger badass. She's so much of a battle-loving tomboy that she ultimately gives up being a princess so she can focus on becoming a martial arts grandmaster. A fire-wielding monk specialized in kicking attacks, to the point her Title is Princess of Flame Leg.

Almeida: A dusky-skinned blonde miner who wields a fuck-off huge weapon, the Vaserav Hammer, which is a combination of giant hammer, even bigger scythe-pick hybrid blade, and and a rocket engine. She built it after being saved from monsters by a mysterious man wielding a massive scythe, whom she developed a crush on. Known for her love of eating, her blacksmithing skills, and for running around in nothing but long pants, a helmet, and a bra. Title: Mighty Miner.

Augusta: A draph musician who plays in a world-renowned band, which her Title of Cellist of the Sky Philharmonic Orchestra represents. The most skimpily clad female draph in the game, she uses her cello to manipulalte the earth around her, making her a draph bard.

Camiuex: The adopted daughter of a gunsmith family of humans, this shy and retiring draph wants to overcome her nerves and how easily startled she is. Despite looking like a cute shortstack in a flowing elegant dress, she swears like a sailor and her dress is actually to cover up her ridiculously abundant bandoleers of shotgun shells & bombs, as she compensates for her lack of precision accuracy by blazing away with dual shotguns and throwing grenades everywhere. Title: Adopted Gunsmith.

Carmelina: A draph acrobat who fights using an enormous bladed hula-hoop thing. Not much to say about her, except that she's a happy-go-lucky sort of girl who loves to entertain people. Title: Full Moon Acrobat.

Daetta: A cheerful draph woman who revels in being unique, embracing her inner eccentric by wearing partial deer/sheep costumes and wielding a huge flail. Actually not quite as happy as she acts; her grandmother used to bully her for some of her odder behavior. Title: Iron Strike.

Danua: A young woman who has been left emotionally stunted by the tragic and violent deaths of her parents and brother. She now travels the world, accompanied by her magic dolls Hansel and Gretel, searching for a way to resurrect her family. She's so traumatized that she can't speak, relying on her dolls (actually embodiments of her psyche, given life through her affinity for the Darkness element) to do it for her. As she insists on wearing her bloodstained dress and carrying a gore-stained knife everywhere, she is initially mistaken for a serial killer, rather than the victim of a murderer. This is how she ends up on the player's crew.

Forte: A migrant from a game called Rage of Bahamut, the Dark Dragoon is a battle-loving draph woman who dual-wields a pair of huge-bladed spears she calls "the Wings of Darkness" and seeks nothing more than the thrill of battle and a constant honing of her skill.

Hallessena:' A psychotic draph girl who runs around brandishing her custom-made chainsaw and scaring the wits out of people. Except she's actually really a crybaby who adopted the intimidating persona to try and scare away bullies and now just likes to keep up the act because it's fun. She's a genuius inventor as well, leading to her Title of Destruction Genius. Absolutely hates slimes, because her beloved chainsaw is practically useless against them.

Izmir: A beautiful and elegant white-haired draph woman with a powerful affinity for ice elementalism. In fact, her magic is so powerful that she has to express it constantly; her in-game story after joining the player's crew revolves around the revelation that suppressing her magic so she doesn't freeze them to death with her mere presence is actually killing her. In the context of her universe, she's essentially a shortstack yuki-onna. Title: Frozen Glances.

Karva: A treasure hunter thrilled by danger and deadly traps. It doesn't matter if the job fails or the treasure is plucked away by someone else, she's having fun as she dismantles traps and evades danger. A thrill-seeking draph rogue who carries a big pistol for self-defense. Title: Fearless Raider.

Ladvia: The head of security and arena champion at the Jewel Resort Casino, Ladiva is an accomplished unarmed fighter and showman. She's also an incredibly macho yet campy drag queen/transwman pro-wrestler, who talks, acts and dresses like a draph woman despite still having a draph man's build and beard. Title: Lover of Love.

Laguna: An experienced soldier, she loves to have a good fight, experience new cultures, and hear stories, cherishing the memories and souvenirs these give her. Despite this, and the enormous, blade-strewn polearm she wields, she dresses up like a business woman in black stockings, white shirt, brown coat and blue tie. Title: Peerless Warrior Demon.

Lamretta: A hard-drinking, hard-partying draph nun who wears a rather skimpy version of the traditional nun's habit and never goes anywhere without a few bottles of booze to suckle from. That's... basically all there is to say about Lamretta. Her Title is even simply Drunk Nun.

Narmaya: A famous swordmaster, who began her training when she was young after being inspired by another swordmaster. Despite being a master swordsman, a title she's oblivious to, she feels she's not strong enough and everything she does isn't special or noteworthy. She also has a somewhat doting personality with people she considers her friends. Title: Princess of the Fluctuating Blade.

Razia: A hot-tempered yet honorable woman with a fierce hatred of the Zeyen cult, who corrupted her father, caused a revolution in her country and led to the death of her best friend. She became a wandering knight in quest of revenge, wielding a gun-lance hybrid that fires huge bullets. Ironically, despite her skill and serious attitude, she can be incredibly clumsy. Title: Skybound.

Sarya: A brilliantly talented female draph detective whose idol (and obvious crush) is her boss, Barawa. Such is her devotion to him that she has blinded herself to his...less than stellar brilliance; fortunately, her own brilliant insight and intuition means that her help has kept Barawa in-business, and she dreams of the day they catch the elusive thief Chat Noir together, hoping that he will notice her in a romantic light. Title: Detective Assistant.

Sturm: One of two mercenaries working for the Erste Empire who loyally serve the Black Knight. She works alongside Drang, her Erune (fox) partner. No indication that there's anything other than a professional relationship between them. Title: Skybound.

Yaia: An innocent girl raised with love, Yaia knows nothing of misfortune. She departs for adventure in the sky and just goes on believing. Though she is but a small girl, she will surely fulfill her big dreams someday. Because what's a game like Granblue Fantasy without a token loli wielding a frying pan as a club? Title: Loving and Believing Little Sister.