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The next Love can Bloom?
Drawfag images can be perfect for Image macros.
The best drawfag artwork always has little to do with canon, and more to do with being pretty.
One of the earliest known examples of 40k drawfaggotry, posted on /b/ before the existence of /tg/.
Most drawfags stay within 1-4; the occasional weeaboo will take it farther.
drawinganondude's Stratedgy art.

A drawfag is a member of that small minority of posters who actually possess artistic talent and, better yet, use it to produce and post relevant images. /tg/ has an extremely large population of active drawfags compared to most other 4chan boards. This is generally held to be a good thing, but many fa/tg/uys are somewhat wary due to the tendency of some drawfags to cause drama.

Drawfags come in all styles, abilities and tastes, and usually stick to a certain topic regarding the images they produce. This sometimes causes discontent as the overwhelming majority of drawfags stick to Warhammer 40,000 material, leaving relatively few who draw images relating to other topics such as Dungeons & Dragons.

Threads where a drawfag is posting are typically more active, especially as posters attempt to get the resident drawfag to illustrate one of their own ideas. Sometimes drawfags will create threads specifically to take requests, which happens fairly frequently for character portraits and things like that. Threads that produce an awesome or hilarious mental image such as "a Texan rancher stereotype mounted atop his armored, pregnant loli waifu defending a field of grazing lolis from marauding bears" (don't ask) result in cries for a passing drawfag to create an actual image. Depressingly enough FORTUNATELY , these requests are rarely answered, but apparently it happens often enough that nobody ever gives up hope.

Due to the nature of drawfags, and how they always seem to work together rather than stir competition, it is believed that under the rule of Miko, the drawfags have formed a collective group with which they can underhandedly direct the flow of acceptable content in /tg/. This is known as The Consortium.

How Drawfags are Born, and How they Die[edit]

It all begins with a thread on /tg/. Could be any thread, it doesn't take much. (That said, there are regular "drawthreads" which encourage the activity of budding artists with numerous requests and little to no trolling whatsoever.)

A fa/tg/uy in possession of a tablet then enters the thread, and decides his scribbles will help contribute for him.

After having submitted their artwork, the artist notices a increase in interest in the thread, with cries of "Draw more!"

The artist continues to draw for the thread. After about the fourth image submitted, the rest of /tg/ realizes that the drawfag is still around despite attempts to troll it away, and names it.

A undetermined amount of time passes, in which the drawfag enters a large number of threads and draws in all of them, spreading his or her fame and popularity across the board.

Once over the hill in popularity, the impending death of the drawfag becomes apparent: the drawfag's ego is simply too large for good-for-nothing trolls to handle, and he or she will not consider drawing for /tg/ unless there are special circumstances or he is just asked nicely. At this point the drawfag is now dead to /tg/. All threads he or she participates in become filled with trolling attempts to remove them from the thread, in same the manner you would banish Socrates from Athens. (This stage does not always occur: occasionally the drawfag may be forced offline due to other circumstances, or may even stay at the previous stage indefinitely.)

The artist then slips into obscurity, the sup/tg/ paintchat, or retreats back to deviantART (and/or Tumblr), where they complain about /tg/'s shittiness.

Drawfag monikers[edit]

Unless the drawfag forces a name that they already go by, they are named by their peers according to their contributions. For example, a drawfag that draws a Necron in a couple of humorous situations is aptly named "Lolcron". Things rarely get more complicated.

Known Drawfags[edit]

Please do not make individual pages for them; simply list their name here.

Old Guard[edit]

"Recent" Lurkers[edit]


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See Also[edit]

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