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He has lived for ten millennia, seen ten thousand battles, ended ten million lives, and given zero fucks.

Drazhar (Dark Eldar speak for Living Sword), also known as Master of Blades, was first encountered at the gates of the Great Shrine of the Incubi in Commorragh.


He walked straight into the shrine, cutting his way through any guards who tried to stop him. When he reached the inner sanctum, Drazhar challenged the enthroned Hierarch of the Shrine. The Hierarch stepped down from his throne into the dueling circle with Drazhar and took up a battle stance. The Hierarch's self-assured superiority soon evaporated when his challenger blurred into action. The duel took only a couple of minutes until it ended with Drazhar stepping over the Hierarch's dismembered corpse before cleaning his blades and making a small bow.

- Drazhar is back in secksy new armor, and he's taking no prisoners.

No one knows Drazhar's true identity. There are no records of him in any Incubus shrines and no one had heard of him before he walked in to the Great Shrine. Even the name Drazhar is ceremonial, meaning Living Sword. Even though he killed the Hierarch, and has since killed everyone bold enough to challenge him, he hasn't taken up any leadership post, not even becoming a lowly Klaivex. He could become Hierarch by right of conquest, or hold any position he wanted due to his skill, but he seems to totally lack ambition and exist only to kill. This frustrates the other shrine lords immensely, because they have no way of dealing with such a creature, so with nothing else to do they gave him the title of Executioner, reserved for the champion of the order.

Many Incubi and a sizable portion of Commorragh's citizens were already dead after learning about this.

After Drazhar had invaded the Great Shrine and killed its Hierarch, gossip and rumors started to spread. Some say Drazhar is the Fallen Phoenix Lord, Arhra, and that Drazhar's armour is filled with nothing but bone-dust. We can't say for sure about the armor, since he's never once taken it off (not even to eat or sleep). He also never speaks, the closest he does to conversation is physical gestures related to battle, a nod or tilt of his head and not killing someone in a fight - and the latter three are reserved for Incubi he respects. Regardless of nature, he certainly does have the same stat-line as the other Phoenix Lords, and the Incubi are in many ways a dark reflection of the Eldar Aspect Warriors.

Taller and more lithe than other Incubi, Drazhar is fast as lightning. Dark Eldar warriors move at a blur when viewed by humans. Incubi strike even faster. Drazhar moves so quickly that it leaves other Incubi wondering what the hell just happened. He wears an ancient Incubus Warsuit, perhaps even the original Warsuit, which is significantly tougher than those worn by others of the sect. Drazhar uses demiklaives, formerly known as disemboweller blades, which can also be used by deadly Klaivex Incubi leaders.

Post Great-Rift[edit]

He was employed by Asbrubael Vect following the birth of Ynnead, tasked with hunting down and killing Yvraine. He caught up with them on Saim-Hann and nearly killed her, but she was saved by Jain-Zar.

Drazhar retreated through the Webway Portal, then trapped Jain Zar and her Howling Banshees in a part of Shaa-Dom city taken over by Aelindrach. Despite a fierce fight, all of the Aeldari were killed, with Drazhar personally cutting Jain Zar in two. He gave her armor to the Mandrakes to make sure she could never be reborn.

Sensing Jain Zar's death and feeling guilt for it, Yvraine asked Ynnead to give Zar a new life, and he resurrected the Phoenix Lord and restored her gear. Upon learning that Jain Zar lived again, Drazhar set off to the lost Craftworld of Zandros to fight and kill her again. But Jain Zar was empowered by Ynnead, so in an epic fight similar to the bloody clash between Karandras and Arhra on Zandros, Drazhar was slain by Jan Zar.

After the battle one of the survivors of Drukhari - Klaivex Dara'kinia Thremense, found the armour and the mask of Drazhar and donned them herself, losing herself right there and becoming Drazhar, Phoenix Lord-style (fueling speculation of Drazhar's identity).


With 8th edition, his statline actually got even better, with an additional wound, and with how powerful klaives are, he's a hell of a lot stronger. Not only that, he also buffs nearby Incubi, not only offering turn 3 Power From Pain early but (not anymore). As of Phoenix Rising, our fine friend here gives +1 to wound rolls, resulting in some tank-killing backflips. He gets to fight twice in the combat phase if he charged, his Demiklaives allow him to make 2 additional attacks at the cost of using his base strength of 4, and with his brand new model he gains the Lethal Precision ability, as well as 2 damage base. Add this all together and you have 4 damage on unmodified wound rolls of 5’s and 6’s. Now get out there and charge some Leman Russes... just not that one (you don't run towards Balenight with T4 W5; that will end very badly).

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