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A Quest featuring Drew the Lich and his adventures and failures. Drew the Lich is notable because it's considered to be the very first quest ran on /tg/, and also for having more than one drawfag simultaneously. The quest ran slightly longer than a year, but with very long hiatuses in between arcs.


  • Author: One author, either assuming the name Drew the Lich or Drew now known as Shamefuldisplay on tumblr;
  • Length: 7 threads;
  • Running Time: From January of 2008 until June of 2009;
  • Status: Finished;
  • Categories: Comedy; Character development; Fantasy.
  • Original Art: Yes, two different artists (one of them being Drew);


All relevant threads are on Sup/tg/, archived under the tag "Drew".

How It's Played[edit]

Players wrote in suggestions for the Quest Master, who'd reply to those he felt were relevant to the progression of the story.


List of all the major characters in Drew the Lich, as well as their major accomplishments.

Drew the Lich[edit]

Drew is the main character of the quest, and he is a lich. The series mostly deals with his struggles with alignment, as well as his desire to be like his hero, Skeletor. Despite how much Drew wanted to be evil in the beginning, due to circumstances he could never quite pull it off. His alignment has changed from True Neutral, then to Neutral Good, and finally ended up nestled firmly in Chaotic Good, with some slight lawful tendencies every now and again.

Kiara Blackfist[edit]

Drew's friend, underling, mentor(ish), and eventually rival. She was firmly Lawful Evil, but that didn't not stop her from being extremely skilled at deception. Kiara is a Blackguard of unknown level, but it is probably pretty high. She has a penchant for backstabbing, but could not bring herself to betray Drew until the very end of the series.


Drew the Lich tries to understand what alignment fits him best. He goes through many misadventures to find an answer to that question, such as slaying evil kings, joining evil-aligned parties to do good deeds, and questing with a bard. Most of the time, his motivation comes from trying to satisfy his favorite minion, a female Blackguard named Kiara. Eventually, she abandons Drew, which motivates him to slowly take over the world to gain her back. When Kiara returns to him, she presents herself as a servant of an evil god named Bane, something that doesn't go well with Drew. Sick and tired of trying to make her happy, he defeats the god she served and finally completes his objective. Drew currently rules the world, and during the last thread many manly tears were shed for Drew.

Drew really liked Kiara's companionship, but that kind of died when he banished her to a lifeless plane of existence and killed her god, Bane.

Kiara frequently scolded Drew for being unfocused. She tried her best to help him be evil, but in the end she gave up and threw her lot in with the god Bane instead. After Bane sent her to conquer Drew's empire, Drew used Wish to planeshift her to a neutral plane with no life, and then he went and killed her god. Because Drew is like that.


Drew playing with Skeletor
Drew's portrait on the very first thread
Kiara facing Drew one last time