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Dungeons & Dragons had always been replete with campaign settings, both those officially released and those created by DMs themselves. From the grim and dark world of Ravenloft, to the noble and chivalrous Dragonlance, they span all manner of interests and themes in order to provide as broad an attraction to players and DMs of all strips.

List of D&D Campaign Settings[edit]

  • Blackmoor: One of the three original campaign settings, developed by D&D co-creator Dave Arneson. Later retconned into Mystara as a Krull-esque distant past.
  • Dark Sun: Dying desert world.
    • Last supported edition: Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, though most 5e adventure modules discuss what would be needed to port them over to Athas, and the creators have stated they do plan to provide more support in the future.
  • Dragonlance: One of the more well-known D&D settings, thanks to the many books about it. Twisted D&D standards in a Brighthammer40k sort of way. Home to the kender.
    • Last supported edition: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, through a licensing agreement between WoTC and Sovereign Press, though mostly through discussing ways to port stuff over from other books. Unlike Athas, though, Krynn's close enough to Faerun for the conversion to be more comprehensive.
  • Eberron: Magitek adventurepunk in a world literally made of dragons.
    • Last supported edition: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, though all content is either of the "translation guide in the back of the book" type or strictly WIP/playtest material as of now.
  • Ghostwalk: The Monte Cook one everyone forgets exists. The Ethereal Plane meets inverse Ravenloft meets Forgotten Realms, and players can play as ghosts.
  • Greyhawk: One of the three original campaign settings, and the default D&D setting for most of its existence. Revered for being the personal setting of Gary Gygax.
  • Jakandor: Self-contained setting set on an island divided between magic-loving mage civilization, and magic-hating barbarian horde.
  • Kara-Tur: A supplement to Forgotten Realms, taking place on the same planet. Ancient fantasy China/Japan with some later material detailing India and Southeast Asia
  • Maztica: A supplement to Forgotten Realms, taking place on the same planet. Fantasy post-Columbian America, complete with paladins exterminating and suppressing the believers of native gods.
  • Mystara: One of the three original campaign settings, and the first one to be officially published and supported. Partially inspired Greyhawk, it paints a broad picture of the lands around Castle Greyhawk and was designed by David Cook and Tom Moldvay. (Also includes the Hollow World and Red Steel settings.)
  • Pelinore: For all you Britfag grognards out there. Somewhat similar to Ptolus in that it focused on a single city and it's surrounding environs.
  • Ravenloft: You are evil and being punished in a magic Gothic world that hates you.

Modern & Futuristic Campaign Settings[edit]

  • Dark Matter: an "all conspiracies are true" alternate version of Earth.

Noteworthy/developed 'homebrew' settings[edit]

Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Settings
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