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[all temporary notes will be put in brackets. I am a newfag so I am not sure on formatting and I would appreciate the assistance of a oldfag.] Dungeons and Pokémon is what happens when you give a bunch of prepubescent little shits bags of holding in a D&D campaign.

The general build is pretty easy, the party plays children and they somehow convince the DM to let everybody start with a Bag of Holding in return for weapons. The kids start by trapping something in their bag of holding, which plays the part of a pokéball. They most often start with something easy to find like a dire rat, giant bat, or drunk dwarf. The party now drags their new pokémon back to their base and proceed to use charisma checks and food to tame their pokémon. Then they set off with there new pets to fight and tame bigger creatures. [If it is done right, it is funny AF. I will elaborate on this page if it gets some feedback.] [I am just the new guy; I just have the ideas, so if you think you can do all the typing stuff better; have fun.]

Some story:

Alright, I am not a writefag but I will try my best to tell you about the campaign that this idea originated from. I was DMing a old fourth edition party, I had what I thought would be a nice campaign with a malevolent god who tries to unite the world by giving them a common enemy. So it was much to my woe when I heard the whole party wanted to nit just play kids, but not even have any actual weapons. It sounded pretty intriguing so I agreed, scrapped my old story, and just the party they where in a city. This was a while ago so I do not quite remember the name of the party, most of them where pretty forgettable. The two I remember was a really smart, scrawny kid who we will call "bean" and some pants-on-head retarded kid who we will call "Donald" (heil Trump). And everybody else we will just call shortfags. The party, being street urchins, immediately began looking for a job. To my confusion, they took a combat based job which was to clear dire rats from a taverns basement. The shortfags traveled to the tavern and spoke to the barkeep. He strongly suggested to the group to not do the job without any weapons but he let the party go in to the cellar anyways. It went better then I expected. The group decided to try to do wrestling checks with the rats and shove them in to the bags of holding. Most of the group, including Bean, managed to capture the rat in their first try. The rest of the party, including Donald, got mauled in return. No one died right there but quite a few caught various despises. Donald got brainrot, which made him even dumber. Eventually the group managed to get a rat in each of their bags and all that was left was a single broodmother. The group was still pretty much defenseless and a few got mauled. while Donald and a few others where distracting it, Bean climbed on a stack of boxes nearby and tried to drop one on the broodmother. He managed to destabilize the entire stack and sent it tumbling down on the rat and Donald. The rat died and Donald received a major concussion. Donald, now being a double pants-on-head retarded, decided to do a intelligence test to see if he needed medical care. Needless to say he failed the check and thought he was fine. The shortfags collected their bounty and spent the entire thing on cheese save for Bean who bought grain. The party went back to their base, which consisted of some rags and boxes in a alleyway. Then the party attempted to tame their 'pokemon' by feeding them the purchased cheese. As one can guess, this did not go well. Bean got his tamed right away because he actually bought grain for his rat. One party member died, a bunch more got sick, and Donald killed most of the rats. After this, Donald got pretty depressed and (I will finish this later.)

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