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Like a cross between Drow and Gith

Dusklings are a species of nomadic faeries who hail from the Outer Planes, with precisely where depending on which cosmology you use; they inhabited the Beastlands, Arborea and Ysgard in the Great Wheel, Arvandor and the House of Nature in the World Tree, and Thelanis in... whatever the fuck the Eberron cosmology is called for short.

A Duskling resembles a particularly robust elf; averaging 5ft tall and 120 pounds, they have steely blue-gray skin, light blue, dark blue, dark gray or black hair, and deep blue, emerald green or purple eyes. Their faces are long and sharp-featured, giving them a vulpine cast to their faces, and they grow their hair long and wild. Male dusklings grow long, tangled beards, like if a dwarf had a hedgehog riding on its face.

Intensely family focused, but also incapable of staying in one place for long, dusklings keep meticulous records of their family trees but wander everywhere that they feel like across the various planes of reality. These fae are most unique for their strong relationship with incarnum; many dusklings boast that the connection between their race and incarnum is as strong as that between a dryad and her tree.

Dusklings have one particularly unique trait; whereas most faeries are known to be frailer than the average human, dusklings are extremely hearty, even more so than most humans.

+2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence
Base speed 30 feet
Fey type, Extraplanar and Incarnum subtypes
Low-Light Vision
Essentia Pool: 1 point
Swiftness of Incarnum: For every point of essentia invested in this racial trait, a duskling's speed increases by +5 feet.
Favored Class: Totemist


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