I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City

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Dwellers of the Forbidden City was David Cook's 1980 adventure mooted at the Origins World Fair tournament. It was published the following year as "S4" no wait "I1". Why they didn't carry on the S line with it... who knows, especially since Gygax retconned Caverns as WG3 anyway.

It's what got Cook permanently hired. Despite that the critics yawned at it, at the time.

This is where TSR introduced the yuan-ti and the aboleth. Also the mongrelfolk and the tasloi, for what they are worth.

It's your Robert E. Howard romp through an exotic (read: Oriental) temple of snake men and eldritch anathema.

The next edition later, Sean Reynolds would name this city: "Xuxulieto".

In 5e the city was heavily reworked and combined with another heavily reworked dungeon (S1: Tomb of Horrors) as well as a fair bit of hexcrawling and sold as the adventure Tomb of Annihilation.