Eagle Bomber

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The Eagle Bomber.

A little known Eldar Bomber from Battlefleet Gothic.

The Eagle Bomber is a type of Eldar bomber. It carries a modified holofield generator to protect it from enemy sensors which distorts the image of the bomber at close range, as well as sonic charges which can blast through the thickest armour. Its targeting systems allow pinpoint accuracy and coupled with the difficulty in hitting them, the Eagle is one of the best bombers in the galaxy.

Battlefleet Gothic Armada[edit]

The Eagle Bomber is the mainstay bomber for the Eldar Navy in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. They function by going to a designated target within maximum range before unleashing hell on the enemy ship. Like all bombers, Eagle Bombers fly at certain angles and speed that avoids the Void Shields of enemy ships before laying down their bombing runs which usually take off a huge chunk of the ship's health.

Since they use what is essentially a weaponized boombox, one must wonder how god damned powerful the audio frequency is for it to rip apart starship hulls with ease. But seeing as how sound cannot travel in the vacuum of space, realistically these sonic charges should be useless. But GW likes to ignore realism anyway so why bother. Although if a sonic bomb activated on contact and directed its strike into the target, the sonic strike could disrupt matter in a large area.

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