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This is what happens when some Only War players use an armored vehicle to pull a Henderson.

A webcomic set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Eagle Ordinary is based on an (apparently madness-filled) Only War campaign the creators once played, and chronicles the misadventures of a ragtag squad of guardsmen and their squeamish (junior) commissar as they battle Tau, heretical tech-priests, and the nefarious plans of a Rogue Trader. It's arguably one of the highest quality 40k webcomics out there, enough to have even caught GW's attention (in a good way, for once), as they hired the comic's artist and main creator do art for their community websites, and recently, to illustrate a brand new webcomic called Vhane Glorious: Heroism Gone Rogue.

Unfortunately, that last bit may end up being a nail in Eagle Ordinary's coffin. With the artist now working on Vhane Glorious for Warhammer Community, Eagle Ordinary has been put on indefinite hiatus, with it unclear whether or not they will ever be able to return to it. It's starting to look increasingly bleak for the continuing story of junior commissar Talon and his misfit band of guardsmen.

Atleast we can rest easily knowing that, in all likelyhood, they were all killed (in true Imperial fashion) in a dramatic last stand against xenos.

As of November 2019, the web-page for this comic is no longer supported, as it must have been over run by those thieving Tau. One can only hope that somewhere a rogue trader has copies of the comic on hand, or that the adepts in charge of its safe keeping release it at a later date

At some point, the Comic appeared again in SmackJeeves and can be viewed again, though there is still no plans to continue it.

The Roleplay Forum[edit]

Around 16 December 2016, the Creators of the Comic and participants of the Original Game which inspired Eagle Ordinary (Comic Creator, 2 More), launched an online Roleplay Forum in the setting of Eagle Ordinary.

The players created Characters either in the Regiments belonging to the Comic's Heroes or Created their own one and imaginatively reduced it to a size of a company to keep the setting of desperation, general confusion and disarray. In the same spirit the specific role and rank of the Characters was limited, wouldn't want Deathwatch Space Marines to single handily turn the tide just by being there (One actually tried to do it, no joke). There were no limits on the number of characters a player could create and so there was a point in which the Forum got flooded by Kriegers (being at times the 2nd most populous type of characters next to the Cadians). Each Character had their own Stats, abilities and Character Traits as dictated by the Forum's "F.R.A.K." System.

The Roleplay was centered around "Threads" on various topics depending on location and type of action, some were purely social interactions between characters while others were high intensity urban warfare. The action a character makes in usually made in a a manner akin to Play by Post: A single post until the rest of the participants did their actions as well.

Some (Mostly Social) threads were more akin to fixed Places in which 2 or more characters interacted without a clear guidance (The Chapel, The Bar, The Barracks etc.) in "Scenes" that lasted until the conclusion of the Interaction but most usually lasted until one or more players disappeared (See: Ghosted) from the RP which made the entire Thread stuck until all remaining players agreed to roll it up and allow for others to play their own scenes. The More Action-Driven scenes were opened by players interested in being Game Masters/Dungeon Masters for sessions and there was enough interest among the community. There the usual amount of Characters allowed was reasonably one per player.

A Special type of Threads were the "PLOT RP Threads", which were run by the actual Original Mods (Well, just THE ONE Mod who actually had the time to engage in the community), there the Events and Outcomes of the game had more consequences to the characters involved and overall setting (though no actual effect on the Comic Plot, the Forum is more akin to a Spin-off than parallel events).

To ease Communications between Players out of character for purposes of planning, generally conversing and of course Memes, the Mods opened a Discord Server on the 9th of November 2017. All players could join it and it was later used as a method of verifying that an Account Registered was an actual interested Human Player and not some Russian Hacker-Bot (That too, was real and an incredible nuisance at that).

It should be noted that a very small percentage of all registered human users, both on the Forum and the Discord remained as players more than half a year, disappearing from sight with no more than 10 posts total.

On the 19th of July 2019 the Forum experienced a not fully understood breakdown (Apparently involving HTML and Hosting) that severely interfered with Hyperlinks and the ability to actually see the contents of a post turning the entire thing unplayable. The Mods reassured the dwindling player base that it would be fixed but to the date of writing these words (16.01.2020) the Forum is still unplayable. For the time the players used the Discord Server mainly for Social things like wishing each other good morning, sharing their culinary artworks, hobby artworks and Memes. And Argue...

Boy did they Argue... In absence of a some minimal playing as distraction, the cracks became more visible, the hard political leanings of some players and their lockstep with Mods being Mods or opposition of some (Just ask Star Wars how does it manage), made what at the time were small glimpses of hell back when there was something to do to full on Bigot-calling and Harsh Mod measures for those opposing it. Some players turned to trying and take the Setting for a Spin Off with a few of those still active in secluded Discord Servers away from the Mods but they in turn forbade such actions as the setting was the "Property" of or at least "Associated" with the Comic Creator and if the Mighty GW notices some retards playing the setting and doing retard shit which might sour the reputation of Warhammer40K as a whole - It might have some repercussions towards the Comic Creator's continued employment in the Company. Which therefore meant that each Separate Discord Server must have a present Mod from EO, It's just the problem the Mods also went after pre-existing Servers opened and operated by "Lesser" Mods (Players not of the Original Mod Crew given the role to keep watch over the Discord Server at different Timezones) and thus breaking all semblance of trust to some players.

By the 1st of September 2019, The Mods moved over the interrupted PLOT RP to the Discord Server but it was never continued (Certainly not by the Original PLOT Mod who generally stopped being active ever since around the time the Forum Site Collapsed). By the 3rd of November 2019, The Mods created a single Channel for Social RP in which the scenes are changing. The problem of Players not posting persisted which made the whole channel stuck and then the Mods created 3 Channels of General RP meant to replace the Threads, every Channel is in fact a "Room" in which any type of RP from the above listed (Save for PLOT) can occur.

While the gesture invigorated the about 10 people still active, the clamping down of the mods and their Political rhetoric didn't help matters and some players have left anyway to pursue their own enjoyment despite the apparent renewal of Role Playing.

"It was Nice while it Lasted" - Disgruntled Anon, upon Jumping Ship.

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