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This is what happens when some Only War players use an armored vehicle to pull a Henderson.

A webcomic set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Eagle Ordinary is based on an (apparently madness-filled) Only War campaign the creators once played, and chronicles the misadventures of a ragtag squad of guardsmen and their squeamish (junior) commissar as they battle Tau, heretical tech-priests, and the nefarious plans of a Rogue Trader. It's arguably one of the highest quality 40k webcomics out there, enough to have even caught GW's attention (in a good way, for once), as they hired the comic's artist do art for their community websites, and recently, to illustrate a brand new webcomic called Vhane Glorious: Heroism Gone Rogue.

Unfortunately, that last bit may end up being a nail in Eagle Ordinary's coffin. With the artist now working on Vhane Glorious for Warhammer Community, Eagle Ordinary has been put on indefinite hiatus, with it unclear whether or not they will ever be able to return to it. It's starting to look increasingly bleak for the continuing story of junior commissar Talon and his misfit band of guardsmen.

Atleast we can rest easily knowing that, in all likelyhood, they were all killed (in true Imperial fashion) in a dramatic last stand against xenos.

As of November, the web-page for this comic is no longer supported, as it must have been over run by those thieving Tau. One can only hope that somewhere a rogue trader has copies of the comic on hand, or that the adepts in charge of its safe keeping release it at a later date

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