Eastern Kindred

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Eastern Kindred are one of the many factions of elves of Kings of War. Unlike some of their pointy eared friends however, they don't yet have an official army list.


Dwelling in the Eastern Reaches, the Eastern Kindred are a race of largely nomadic elves who live among the plains and savannahs. Their lands lie along the border of Ophidia, which has led to their savannahs being largely swallowed by the ongoing desertification process. In times past they were known for their adventurousness and joy, but since the ascent of their current king they have become a dour, violent people.

Most Eastern Kindred live in silk-covered caravans, traveling and trading with wandering adventurers and Ophidians. They are renowned for their poetry, musical talent, and their skill with their foreign blades. Like the Dragon Kindred, they are also known to have drakon riders among their ranks. They often face assault from the Twilight Kindred.

Notable Eastern Kindred[edit]

Elthenar Bladedancer[edit]

King of the Eastern Kindred. Known for being haughty, arrogant, proud, and merciless, but fair, Elthenar is the youngest elf to ever rule the Eastern Kindred. As a child he was said to be happy and carefree, but one brutal night he witnessed his entire family be murdered at the hands of unknown assailants. Since that day he has lived only for bloody battle, donning the Helm of Dawn and wielding the bloodstained runesword Deathbringer, the elders of the other kindred both fear and respect him for his merciless skill in battle.