Eastern Lands

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Eastern Lands is term used in Warhammer Fantasy Battle to describe any nation that lies to the East of Worlds Edge Mountains.

In a list-like order, here is the Warhammer Eastern Lands nations at their real world equivalents:

  • Darklands: Unusually, not a real-world expy, but rather a Warhammer's interperation of Mordor. This hellhole is mostly covered by an Empire of slavers and great hat-owners, but also has some greenskins, ogres and even one human settlement.
  • Kingdoms of Ind: they have spices they have many gods they have tiger beastmen
  • Ogre Kingdoms: Despite geographically being some kind of Tibet, it's populated by Bronze Age Mongolian vore fans, who also serve as mercenaries pretty much everywhere.
  • Cathay: Ming Era China, and one of the oldest and strong human civilisations that haven't fall apart yet. They have a Great Bastion in the north and is ruled by alledgedly a dragon in human form.
  • Nippon: Shogunate-era Japan with overpowered fleet that do nothing.
  • Khuresh: Indochinese tropical hell with some snake people chilling there.
  • Eastern Steppes: Land beyond Great Bastion, heavily inspired by Siberia and Mongolia. Both goblins and humans there larp as Genghis Khan.
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