Eastern Steppes

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Basically, the Warhammer Fantasy version of the Siberian Steepe and Mongolia mashed together. It lies just to the North of Cathay and is filled with marauding human tribes of Kurgan and Hung plus the self-styled empire of the wolf riding Hobgoblin Khan. As you can expect the people of Cathay wanted nothing to do with that nonsense and built the giant ass wall known as the Great Bastion to keep the smelly Chaos worshipping tribes and Greenskin folk out. Other than that it's only notable for being the place where the ancestors of the people of Kislev (the Ungols and Gospodars) originated from.

Interestingly, on the revealed Total War Warhammer III map Eastern Steppes are massively downplayed, with Cathay lying insanely close to the Realms of Chaos and the Gods' domains, only being two-three provinces away from it. How are they gonna handle Hobgoblins (who were recently implied to be a playable faction in Warhammer: The Old World, from which they already borrowed a lot like with Kislev for example) and other possible Warrior of Chaos is now a mystery.

Strangely enough, mentions of Hobhounds, Centaurs, and Half-Orcs,the latter created via dark sorcery gene splicing since greenskins don't possess genitals but reproduce asexually via spores, were rumored to exist here in a recent Warhammer Community Post.

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