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Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Intermediate Goddess
Pantheon Oerth
Portfolio Animals, Forest Creatures, Forests, Fertility, Autumn
Domains 3E: Animal, Celerity, Good, Plant, Protection, Purification, Sun
5E: Life, Nature
Home Plane Grove of Unicorns (Beastlands)
Worshippers Druids, Rangers, Elves, Fey Hippies, Environmentalists
Favoured Weapon Longbow

Ehlonna is the goddess of nature and the woodlands, in the Greyhawk campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. She generally appears as an Elf or Human woman accompanied by either a horse (as a Human) or a unicorn (as an Elf). She has an intense rivalry with the much more hardcore nature deity Obad-Hai, as he, being a true neutral god, believes that nature shouldn't be interfered with, for better or for worse, while Ehlonna believes that nature should be monitored so as to ensure that all creatures are free of harm and living in harmony.


The woodlands are a beautiful place full of life. The secrets of the forests should be learned and taught so that people can live in harmony with nature. Those who would harm or exploit the woodlands must be driven out or destroyed. The plants and animals of the forest are things that nature gives as gifts, not things to be stolen.

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