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After getting his head stitched back on.

"Wait... Didn't you die?"


"I got better."

– Eidolon

Lord Commander Eididdly doo (AKA Lord Commander Primus Eidolon, Lord commander Fuckface, that twat who lost his head, and a lesson on why you don't back talk Daemon Posessed Fulgrim) is the most prominent Lord Commander (called a Chapter Master in other legions) in the Emperor's Children Space Marine Legion. A massive, egotistical asshole even before the legion's fall to chaos (much like his Primarch), which led to him getting a Ferrus Manus makeover courtesy of his daddy. Until Bill glued his head back on and installed a microphone into his mouth, making him the first Noise Marine. Actually the first Noise Marines were Marius Vairosean and his Kakophoni, who actually used sonic weapons way before Faildolon got his fancy throat mic, although he was implanted with Laer vocal chords by dear Fabius beforehand, allowing him to attack by screaming.

Great Crusade[edit]

Eidolon started his career in the Legiones Astartes as a battle-brother of the III legion when it was first founded on Holy Terra. Eidolon was one of the lucky survivors of the Space cancer that blighted the nascent third legion in its infancy. By the time the third legion had been united with their primarch, Eidolon had been a company captain, and the serious issues he had only started to emerge.

He was really, really, really obsessed with his primarch, and looked to him like a father figure in the creepiest way possible. As such, he was eventually promoted to Lord Commander, and became the second in command of the entire legion.

Battle of Murder[edit]

The battle of Murder against the Megarachnids was one of the most brutal campaigns of the Great Crusade (though not as much as the Rangdan Xenocides.) The Blood Angels space marine legion arrived on the world to colonize it, only to get their shit pushed in by the Megarachnid natives. They called for reinforcements, which the Emperor's Children under Eidolon's command answered. Despite being in an advantageous position to attack, Eidolon made so many egotistical mistakes that his force got their shit pushed in too, needing the help of the Luna Wolves to rescue them. After the battle ended, Tarik Torgaddon famously called Eidolon out for being an egotistical asshole who nearly cost the Imperium victory infront of his men. While Eidolon backed down that day, he would never forget the insult.

Horus Heresy[edit]

Before he got a viking crew cut.

After the cleansing of Laeran, Eidolon was one of the members of the Emperor's Children who had fallen to Chaotic Corruption alongside their primarch. At the time, command of the Legion's many companies was split between himself and his friend/rival, Lord Commander Vespasian, however Fulgrim's analysis of his legion in preparation for the betrayal at Isstvan III concluded that the men under Vespasian's command, amongst them the surprisingly bro-tier Saul Tarvitz were more likely to be loyal to the Emperor as opposed to Warmaster Horus. So, after a failed attempt to corrupt Vespasian by the daemon imprisoned in the painting of Fulgrim himself his own primarch murdered Vespasian in cold blood as - according to the daemon in the painting - there was "nothing to corrupt" in Vespasian, upon which Fulgrim went on and sent the companies under his command and other Emperor's Children loyal to the Emperor to the surface to get virus bombed. However Saul Tarvitz managed to switch places with his battle-buddy, Venerable Rylanor the Dreadnought so he could spy on the battle plan, found out what was going to happen, flew down in a thunderhawk to warn everyone, rallied the defenders, and kept the traitors occupied for a few months so that Nathaniel Garro could make it to Terra. Ultimately though, it was for naught, as every legionaire (except for Garviel Loken, Crysos Morturg and Rylanor) met their ultimate end on the blood-soaked soil of Istvaan III. Saul Tarvitz knew they couldn't be saved and just wanted to waste Horus' time while Garro sped to warn the Imperium.

After the first bout of Fabulous Bill augmentations and the dropsite massacre, Eidolon died. While en-route to some backwards mechanicum crystal mining world, Eidolon questioned his primarch as to why they were heading to this shitty world of no strategic or material value instead of Terra. Fulgrim who didn’t want to spoil his fabulous plan to build a “City of mirrors” out of said crystals to the rest of the legion, couldn’t come up with a quick enough counter-quip, so he cut the Eidolon's head off and mixed the blood with his wine. Brutal. This change of behavior managed to convince Lucius and Bile that something was wrong with their Primarch, and started taking steps to exorcise the daemon (spoiler: Fulgrim already exorcised it with his own strength of will, he was just turning into a coked up sociopath).

Later on, Fulgrim changed his mind and had Fabius glue Eidolon's head back on; the decapitating cut was so perfect that he was able to be revived soon afterwards. However, this did leave him with some side effects, as he was stuck in a constant state of pain and pleasure from that point forward. He was also left with several tics and an awkward gait, which led Fulgrim to order that Eidolon should stay behind him until he could walk more gracefully.

Later, Fulgrim would lead Perturabo and both of their Legions to the Crone World of Iydris to look for an Eldar artifact called the Angel Exterminatus. It turns out it was a ploy, and Fulgrim needed Pert as a sacrifice in a ritual on himself, conducted by Eidolon since he died and came back. Since Fulgrim knew more than he was letting on the whole time, and was much smarter than the mere fucked up hedonist he was pretending to be, it's possible Fulgrim planned the whole thing out before he killed Eidolon. What a dick.

After that, Eidolon became the central leader of the largest contingent of Emperor's Children still vaguely concerned with the materium during the heresy. Despite Fulgrim's disdain of his resurrected form, he became one of the greatest threats to both Shadrak Meduson's Shattered Legion guerrillas and the Great Khan's wild riders, as well as a big leveraging force for Chaos-Juiced Horus to throw Mortarion's way. It didn't end up mattering, as Lorgar ended up forcing fugly-four-arm Fulgrim to bring all his troops to him at Ullanor, but he still got shit done.

During the Siege of Terra, Eidolon would convince Fulgrim (with the rest of the legion) to attack the Saturnine Wall along with Abaddon, the rest of the Mournival and a sizeable portion of the Sons of Horus and Iron Warriors. Needless to say, this was a massive fail. Fulgrim got beaten up by Rogal Dorn. Eidolon then battled Dorn and Sigismund with 55 other Emperors Children elite. Eventually Sigismund was able to best the lord commander, cutting him open and kicking him off the wall 1300 meters up, presumedly killing him.

Following the Horus Heresy and the Legion Wars, he went on to lead the Phoenix Conclave warband of the Emperor's Children, reestablishing the Legion's old/orbitally wasted stronghold on Harmony for his own use, albeit for ceremonial occasions. He's not been a slouch either, as he was able to coerce both Lucius and Fabius Bile to his own ends. Oh and there's the uncomfortable realisation, mainly on un-corrupted Fabulous's part, that Eidolon had been very slowly changing since his first death, and has been metamorphosing into something profoundly alien and horrible. Fabius wanted nothing to do with him; that should be warning enough.

In this way, he marks the in-between point between Slaanesh's two other mortal champions; a sense-freak obsessed enough to make Slaanesh raise a labial flap in curiosity, but still goal focused enough to turn any other foolish fuck inside out whilst committing acts of base genocide as means of gauging reluctant potential test groups.

Choose your poison, really.

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