Eight of Spades: 'Ocho'

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Them fellas walked right into the saloon like they owned the joint. They was a mean bunch, all packin hard steel and weather-beaten faces. They ordered drinks and stood around givin' everybody the evil eyes. One of 'em spoke right up.

"Which one of you punks gots the balls to fight us?"

All the lads in the joint hunched over their drinks, not wantin ta get involved. Then the sweetest voice ya ever heard says,

"Let's do it you peckerheads."

This came from a pretty little girl sittin in the corner, couldn'ta been more than 16 winters old. The tough bastards take a look at her and start laughing. Quick as ya can blink, she stood, pulled a fancy silver six shooter off her hip and takes a shot, knocking a metal stein off of the bar. I'm standin' there wonderin' why the hell she would do that when I see that the guy closest to the mug slump over, a hole right in his back.

The fellas start to draw, and she takes a coupl'a more shots, knocking over the spitoon, busting a lamp, she even shot a coin laying on a table. Each of these shots ended with a man falling dead, even though they were aimed nowhere near their bodies.

Now, I was counting, and this poor lady was down to her last shot, and had two of these bastards pointing their steel at her. For the first time she aims straight at one of the lads, but she seems scared. She starts breathing hard, her hands start shaking.

She takes the shot, but it goes wild, smashing some glass behind the bar. The men open fire, but right as they shoot the girl falls down, holding her arm in pain, yellin,

"OUCH, that hurts Ocho!"

Everyone who was there that night swears that when she yelled they saw a glowing 8 next to a spade on the barrel of the gun.

The men started to advance on the girl, but she stood back up looking like she wasn't in complete control of her own body, like someone else had taken over.

As she got up, they fired again, and I swear to the lords I saw that girl's arm come right up and catch both of them bullets up in the barrel of her own gun.

She swung her arm in an arc and shot once, and the chandelier came crashing down, both men falling down with holes in their head.

She stumbled out of the bar, mumbling. Everyone else said they couldn't understand what she was sayin', but I heard her loud and clear,

"Okay Ocho, I promise I won't try to shoot any people. Just what you tell me to. I promise."

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