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Smiling white teeth against a black background
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Empyreal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Energy)
Portfolio Deceit, Cleverness, Tricks, Jokes, Amusement, Curiosity, Relaxation, Sylvan races
Domains Energy, Chaos, Good, Deceit, Illusion
Worshippers Elves of Shiye clan, Elven wizards, Ee'aar adventurers
Favoured Weapon Shortsword

Eiryndul, also called Eyris, Shibauth, or The Adventurer, is the patron Immortal of the elves of clan Shiye, and their Kingdom of Shiye-Lawr


Eiryndul was a warrior during the reign of Ilsundal in the Sylvan Realm. While he was clever and an excellent magic-user, he was a near-outcast due to his negligible fighting abilities, sarcastic attitude, and the pranks he pulled on the other elves. Though he was befriended by the other sylvan races, he became bitter towards his own people and started seeking revenge against them through magic. Eventually he attracted the attention of Rathanos and begun undergoing the Path of the Paragon, eventually ascending to Immortality in the Sphere of Energy, abandoning his plans for revenge at same time, though still being bitter towards Ilsundal's people.

When Mealiden Starwatcher started leading the elves away from the Sylvan Realm, as it was invaded by humans, Eiryndul lured the Shiye clan away from their intended destination, taking them to the forests of Central Alphatia, where he created his nation of Shiye-Lawr. He then begun molding them to be more like himself, secretive, mischevous, independant, and ,ore dangerous than those who followed Mealiden to Alfheim.


Eiryndul appears as a short, sly-looking elf, wearing the clothing of a king and a well-crafted crown, embossed with pictures of screaming dwarves frolicking sylvan races.


Eiryndul is a trickster, playing tricks on mortals and Immortals alike, with them varying from harmless to lethal. Those mortals who endure them without breaking or becoming abusive gain his respect, and a possible favor later on. He's also a womanizer, having flirted with most of the female Immortals, and been after many attractive mortal adventurers. He's allied with his patron Rathanos, Faunus, who's the patron of many sylvan races, Zirchev, who's also friends with the sylvan races, and Korotiku, with the two competing to see who is more clever. He's been flirting with Valerias, though she's spurned him, intent on seducing her. He considers Ilsundal and Mealiden to be rivals, but not enemies with his only one being Loki.

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