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Kermit's back, and he's pissed. And blue.

"The Code is more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules."

– Captain Barbossa

Sub-Commander Myamoto (nicknamed "Darkstrider" and "He That Walks Unseen") is a loose cannon Tau Pathfinder who doesn't play by the rules, and is thus despised by most of his superiors for toeing (hoofing) the line between interpreting orders and flat-out ignoring them. Darkstrider is one of the best Fire Caste field operatives, leading suicide mission after suicide mission, turning the tides of battle to the Tau's favour, and bring his men back into the bargain. Also worth noting is that he is quite chunky for a Tau (or any non-Ogre in the Warhams, for that matter), being broadfaced and having a mouth that could rival a Slann.


Darkstrider was born on T'au and worked his way into the Pathfinder squads as a Shas'la. After passing his trial by Fire, he was offered a position in a Crisis suit team, and later a Stealthsuit team. Darkstrider scorned both offers, wishing to stay with the Pathfinder squads that he served with.

Time and time again Darkstrider has returned to the Pathfinder teams with which he originally served, leading his squads through thick & thin and bringing them through suicide missions against impossible odds. However, his attitude and almost complete dismissal of the repeated requests for his promotion to Shas'O rank have earned him numerous enemies among both the Fire Caste commanders and the Ethereals. Only the vouching of Shadowsun keeps him on the front-lines where he can bring his talents to bear. While his constant refusal of command positions and subtly dismissive behavior has led to demands for him to be retired or removed, other commanders value his ability to lead terror missions and sudden raids, a skill that is rarely seen outside or inside the Tau Empire.

Darkstrider's only notable achievement in the story thus far has been his participation in the 2nd Battle for Agrellan. During this conflict Darkstrider tracked down one of the Assassins dispatched to wipe out the Tau Empire's Commanders and, in a battle which saw Darkstrider's entire Squad killed, managed to slay the Vindicare Assassin (i.e., T’au A’nold Schwarzenegger fought and killed an Imperial Predator—cute, GW).


Darkstrider is the only named Fire Caste non-battlesuit character, and much like the Pathfinder squads he commands he is not a combat HQ. Instead his unique wargear and rules allow him to harass enemy units with relative impunity. His special rule mean that after firing overwatch his squad may consolidate 1D6" away from the assaulting unit and his personal wargear (the Structural Analyser) reduces an enemy units Toughness by 1 for the purpose of resolving wounds when any model from his unit makes a shooting attack. A solid addition to a Pathfinder Squad, especially if they're kitted out with Ion or rail rifles & a grav-inhibitor drone to make a fairly cheap assassin squad that while only be caught in the luckiest of charges.

He can act as a commander for T'au in Kill Team.


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