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An asp
Alignment Lawful Evil
Divine Rank Demigod
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio Crocodiles, scorpions, serpents
Domains Destruction, Evil, Law
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Assassins, evil sorcerers, killers, torturers
Favoured Weapon Serpent's Tooth (Short sword)

Elámash, also called Lizard King and Lord of Serpents, is the demigod of scorpions, serpents, and crocodiles in Asherak. He's the son of Mormo and a powerful asaatthi sorcerer.


Elámash, like all the other gods, was treated as nothing more than a plaything by his mother, so when the gods conspired against the titans, he was more than happy to fight against them. He spent much of the war with Chardun, assisting him in taking the titans down. When the Seraphic Engine was activated, many of his worshippers were affected by it, reducing his worshippers to just those in Asherak. He now bides his time, waiting to build his flock and expand his area of influence until he can challenge the other gods for control over Scarn.


Elámash appears as a tall and fearsome reptilian humanoid with a powerful build, a snake-like head, the tail of a crocodile, red eyes, and clawed hands.

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