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When the Bright Eldar were betrayed by the Exodite Eldar, Slaanesh was left to fend for himself as the Eldar Pantheon led by Cegorach and Ynnead attempted to murder all those who had refused to serve the Old Ones. Led by the renegade Farseer Eldrad, the Exodite Eldar worship these gods whom they see will bring forth the victory of the Old Ones.

Isha was the deposed queen of the Eldar, giving birth to mostly malevolent mortal children by her husband Asuryan. Ynnead spited most of them and ordered Vaul to make him 100 blades to cause the most amount of suffering on Isha and Kurnous. As following the myth, a war in the heavens began with Khaine being the victor after causing death and agony to the Eldar worlds. eventually in the midst of Ynnead's sadism, she prayed for a god that will be able to love and have compassion unlike the bloody pantheon of gods who had orchestrated a plan to cause countless cases of abuse to her. Thus was born Slaanesh. Slaanesh, the goddess of love and compassion attempt to reason with Ynnead and Asuryan's second hunt. However in Ynnead's anger, he had murdered most of the Eldar gods before being restrained by Khorne and leading Slaanesh to their pantheon where they keep Isha safe from the Laughing God's attempt to bring forth disaster and the bloody revenge of the King of Despair.