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Eldar Escorts are, by all intents and purposes, the ULTIMATE glass cannons (With some exceptions from those of the Dark Eldar of course). They could pack a punch, sure, but anything could make them blow the fuck up with their toilet paper armour. Best to use these escorts to surround an enemy or harass them, while the big boys duke it out.

Classes of Escorts[edit]



The Gretchins of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.

The Shadowhunter-class Escort is a class of Craftworld Eldar escort class vessel.

They are the smallest vessels used by Iyanden and are likely the smallest in the fleet. They often operate in vast numbers and sit close to the craftworld itself. They act as patrols vessels and also guide other vessels into the craftworld but can also operate at a distance from the craftworld which larger vessels would find dangerous when close defence is necessary.

Shadowhunters have a very limited effective combat range due to this role. Everything is compact and miniaturised, including its Shadow Lance weaponry, making the ship highly manoeuvrable and can pursue enemies at such speeds that they find they cannot evade the Eldar fire. During the Tyranid attack on Iyandan, the larger vessels would disperse the Tyranids in space and anything that made it to the craftworld was easy pickings for the Shadowhunters. Eventually, however, the sheer number of Tyranids overwhelming the Shadowhunters and they were forced to join the larger vessels in deeper space fighting counter-actions.

It is armed with 1 Shadow Lance Artillery.

  • Length: 800m
  • Mass: 800-900 kilotonnes; approx
  • Crew: 500 crew; approx
  • Acceleration: 9.5 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration


The Snotlings of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.

The Shard-class Escort is a sister ship of the Shadowhunter.

Compared to the normal Shadowhunter, the Shard replaces the long-ranged lance with a much shorter range but faster firing lascannon artillery. The Asuryani Runic Targeting order, shared with the Corsairs, mentions Starcannons getting a wider range from its effect, but what that really means is macro/accuracy based gun weapons, which the Lascannon Artillery is. Because of this, the base 90-degree arc and the special order's widening of that arc to a 270-degree frontal arc, allows the auto engage broadside orders to be set up for the Shard to keep it moving and firing between you jumping around elsewhere to give ships orders.

Unfortunately, both these escorts are pretty expensive for being...well...escorts, but that's part of the trade-off suffered from the stronger Asuryani armoured naval ships. The silver lining to high cost is at least it gives you less ships to have to manage at once.

It is armed with 3 Light Lascannon Artillery.

  • Length: 700m
  • Mass: 700-800 kilotonnes; approx
  • Crew: 370 crew; approx
  • Acceleration: 9.5 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration



Annoying little shits.

The Nightshade-class Destroyer is a class of Eldar Corsair space vessel. It is your token torpedo Destroyer vessel, but with a bit higher on paper dps with standard weapons than what is normally seen in its comparisons. Not a major difference to herald as a triumph on its own, but notable nonetheless. Now when you top that off with the insane speeds of the Aeldari and the special faction ability that allows the torpedo hits to shut off command stances, and you probably have a contender for top torpedo destroyer.

The Nightshade is extremely fast and designed to deploy ordnance close to the enemy before retreating. When coupled with the highly destructive torpedoes used by the Eldar (including neutron or vortex warheads), the Nightshade is basically a weapon that can strike anywhere quickly and at will. Since you need to give this ship extra attention to make strafing runs with your torpedoes, the Hellebore has an upper hand in this department considering the additional firepower makes it more worth your time.

There is evidence that three Nightshades crippled the Chaos battleship Damnation's Fury after three successive torpedo runs despite the protection of a number of other ships and escort vessels.

It is armed with 2 Torpedo Launchers and 3 Light Starcannon Artillery.

  • Length: 1.3km
  • Mass: 4.5 megatonnes; approx
  • Crew: 2,500 crew; approx
  • Acceleration: 9.5 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration


Another Eldar Corsair destroyer that is armed with a comically and phallically over-enlarged Pulsar Cannon Beam.

The Hemlock is a very simple design, consisting of a powerful Pulsar Lance and an engine, and little else. It is more of a flying gun than a ship proper. As such, it is a true beast of a Destroyer, outclassing the vast majority of ships in its sub-class in a multitude of ways, since normally Frigates tend to be the better on paper damage and crit dealers. Capable of outpacing multiple ships twice its size in damage while zipping faster than they could possibly hope to match speeds with makes the Hemlock a real glass cannon, with a points cost to match.

It is likely that the crew numbers are small, the interior power requirements for maintaining an atmosphere would take so much energy to prevent the use of the warp drive or main weaponry. This makes them easy prey for boarding actions.

It is armed with 1 Pulsar Lance Beam and 3 Light Starcannon Artillery.

  • Length: 2.3km
  • Mass: 4 megatonnes
  • Crew: 1,500 crew; approx
  • Acceleration: 9.5 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration



A class of Eldar Corsair Frigates. Like the smaller Hemlock Destroyer, the Hellebore has a comically and phallically over-enlarged Pulsar Cannon Beam.

The Hellebore is the embodiment of Eldar ideas and technology in that it is a good, all-around vessel that can match the payload of an Imperial light cruiser while maintaining the speed and agility of an escort. They excel at ambushes as their torpedoes can scatter vessels and then their Pulsar Lances and Weapons Battery can take over to destroy stragglers.

The Fortitude was reduced to a hulk by a squadron of Hellebores, and the Sword of Orion was crippled during the abortive Picus Offensive.

It is armed with 1 Pulsar Lance Beam, 2 Torpedo Launchers and 1 Starcannon Artillery.

  • Length: 2.3km
  • Mass: 7 megatonnes; approx
  • Crew: 4,200 crew; approx
  • Acceleration: 9.5 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration


So much Dakka for such a small ship, it would impress an Ork.

The Aconite-class Frigate is the 'brawler' class of Eldar Corsair space vessel.

The Aconite-class is armed with an advanced laser Weapons Battery and their speed allows them to circle enemy capital ships and attack them from behind, away from their main defensive weapons systems. They usually operate in groups of three or four ships and can lay down fire equal to that of a battleship's broadside. At least three Imperial capital ships and several Chaos vessels were destroyed including the Unholy Dominion.

As such, the Aconit is a high DPS output frigate at an affordable cost for the Aeldari Corsairs. Packing in all of its firepower into Starcannons, this also means that with the Runic Targeting node, the Aconite has one of the best consistent high damage applications of all the escorts in the game, especially considering the high accuracy of the Corsairs weapons.

Using this escort at max range, with its fast engines and the ability to hold onto stealth without needing silent running on, makes this frigate an amazing option for a serious kiting harasser. Combine this with the Spirit Stone Targeting Node and you can sit just outside of scanner ability range while doing it too.

It is armed with 15 Light Starcannon Artillery.

  • Length: 1.6km
  • Mass: 8 megatonnes; approx
  • Crew: 5,400 crew; approx
  • Acceleration: 9.5 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration

In Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 1 & 2[edit]

The Escorts of the Aeldari Corsairs, comprising the two sub-classes of ships, the Destroyers and Frigates, bring the insane speeds of the Eldar ships to the fight while packing incredibly powerful weaponry that all come together to make for a faction that finds its home making fast hit and run strafing attacks against their enemies before quickly zipping back out of range of the enemies guns, using a multitude of tactics and abilities to keep the enemy's guns from hitting their highly delicate vessels.

With the Escorts representing the smallest, most fragile and fastest ships in the game coupled with the Aeldari's mentioned high engine speeds, you'll find the top of the line speedsters don't sacrifice in the way of their dps or crit ouput, instead, forcing you to take much more care and attention in how you plan your attacks to get their full utility.

The Craftworlders, on the other hand, puts a bit more priority on defence and toughness over stealth and sneak tactics while maintaining the same benefits granted by the holofields and insane engines of their species. Of the three Eldar factions, the Asuryani's ships tend to be the most resilient and the most expensive.

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