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Eldar utilize grenade launchers as the Imperium of Man does. But instead of being shaped like a gun, Eldar grenade launchers are often utilized in a unconventional setup such as a backpack format or drop down leg format. Most often, their grenades are hallucinogenic, meaning that it is aimed more towards psychological and mental breakdowns then outright lethality. Although they can go straight to maiming and killing if they feel like it.

Eldar Variants[edit]

Swooping Hawk Grenade Pack[edit]

Swooping Hawk Grenade Pack

Weird grenades that is possibly the most unconventional of all grenade launchers.

The Swooping Hawk Grenade Pack is an Eldar grenade launcher used by Swooping Hawks Aspect Warriors. Each of these basic launchers is strapped to a warrior's leg, and allows grenades to be released downwards as the warrior flies overhead. Single grenades can also be taken from the pack and thrown normally. Grenade packs can carry a variety of grenade types for attacking different targets.

For anti-personnel work Frag Grenades and Plasma Grenades are both useful. Against heavily-armored targets, including armored troopers, the Swooping Hawk can launch Krak Grenades. Also useful for attacking enemy vehicles are Haywire Grenades, which release a burst of electromagnetic energy to disrupt energy systems.

Only in the Eldar can you actually literally shit down grenades on your enemy's heads.

Pack Grenade Launcher[edit]

Pack Grenade Launcher

Also known as the Hallucinogen Grenade Launcher.

The Pack Grenade Launcher is an Eldar grenade launcher, often used by Shadowseers. Also known as a creidann, the Pack Grenade Launcher is a light harness that fits on the Eldar's shoulders and fires grenades at a high trajectory. Each grenade is fitted with a whistle to make strange shrieking sounds and sombre drones on its upward and downward flight, respectively. It can fire a wide range of grenades, including Hallucinogen grenades, however it cannot be reloaded during battle making it extremely limited in use and practicality.

Its Dark Eldar edgier counterpart is the Phantasm Grenade Launcher.

Hallucinogen Grenades[edit]

More of a tactical weapon than an assault weapon. These grenades release a cloud of invisible gas which has strange and unpredictable effects on the minds of those inhaling it. These effects usually have the result of taking the victim out of combat or making him turn against his allies; effects range from turning victims into passive zombies or idiots, to producing delusions, paranoia and hallucination. Only those with armor which seals them from the local environment are unaffected by hallucinogenic gas. Though the effect may be much strong on the victim, it is usually short-lived and ceased soon

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Dark Eldar Variants[edit]



The Terrorfex is a wrist-mounted grenade launcher used by Dark Eldar infantry. The standard grenades used in conjunction with this device are Wraithbone grenades, but there are also Xenospasm Grenades, although these are incredibly difficult to make, and therefore quite rare to find in battle. Archon Kruellagh of the Kabal of the Flayed Skull uses special Damnation Grenades in her Terrorfex.

The ammunition are as follows:

Wraithbone Grenades[edit]

The Wraithbone Grenades launched by the Terrorfex go through a similar treatment process as the Soul-Seeker Ammunition, though where the Soul-Seeker rounds are treated to try and cause a maddening rage in the soul energy within, the Wraithbone grenades are treated so as to create an overwhelming sense of fear and despair. The grenades explode in the air above the target, releasing the soul energy in a haze that envelopes the target. The energies cause the same feelings to swell in the target, paralyzing them with fear or sadness.

Xenospasm Grenades[edit]

These special grenades are made of specially carved obsidian, with fragments of Wraithbone impregnated into the rock. The soul energy in this Wraithbone is tortured in much the same way as the Soul-Seeker Wraithbone, and once the obsidian explodes in the air, the souls housed inside aim the obsidian fragments directly at the target, flensing them with every fragment, rather than the small fraction of shards that would result from a conventional Frag Grenade.

Phantasm Grenade Launcher[edit]

Phantasm Grenade Launcher

A grenade launcher that works on a similiar principle to the Harlequin's Pack Grenade Launcher (If not ripped straight out of their armories, I guess the DEldar felt it was a necessary trade off after the Harley's get to borrow and pimp out their Venoms).

The Phantasm Grenade Launcher is a deadly weapon utilized by wealthier Dark Eldar. Consisting of a specially modified backpack that can hurl disc-shaped grenades from twin tubes. They are a more assault variety than the more recognizable Pack Grenade Launcher. This is befitting of the Dark Eldar combat philosophy of fast assaults and psychological pain and confusion.

Nerve Gas Grenades[edit]

The ammunition of Phantasm Grenade Launchers are canisters which contain a powerful nerve gas, capable of plunging the victim into a fit of horrific nightmares and delusions. These victims often undergo mania and often spasm out of control like an epileptic seizure on steroids. Most often then not, the victim dies from a heart attack due to the sheer concentration of fear.



The Terrorfex dialed up by 10.

A Horrorfex is larger version of the Terrorfex grenade launcher. The only real difference between the Terrorfex and the Horrorfex is that the latter can only be carried on a vehicle due to its size. The horrorfex works as a catapult, shooting grenades made from captured Eldar Wraithbone.

Unfortunately, due to unpopular demand, the Horrorfex and Terrorfex had not been seen since 3rd edition.

Like the Terrorfex, the Horrorfex utilize the same ammunition just on a larger scale.

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