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During their millennia of existence, the Eldar spread across the galaxy and colonized many planets. There are three main types of Eldar Worlds: Crone Worlds, Maiden Worlds, and Exodite Worlds.

Crone Worlds[edit]

Crone Worlds are the original homeworlds of the Eldar. Unfortunately, they're all located in the Eye of Terror, and are subject to the usual effects of planets exposed to Warp energy. In short, they're Daemon Worlds. Unfortunately, they are also the only planets where one can find spirit stones, which will protect an Eldar's soul from being consumed by Slaanesh upon death. As a result, Craftworlds will send suicidal sorties into Crone Worlds to gather spirit stones. Since the Exodites don’t seem to need them to be taken into their Infinity Circuit equivalent, the Craftworlders seem to be doing something wrong or are too proud/stupid to ask the Space Amish for advice.

They are named after Morai-Heg, the Crone Goddess and Eldar Goddess of Fate.

Maiden Worlds[edit]

Maiden Worlds are worlds which were terraformed by the Eldar millennia ago. Note that these planets were not instantly terraformed like Imperial worlds, but were selected and seeded with simple bacteria to create breathable atmospheres, while Eldar planet life would be introduced. This terraforming process was natural, and would take millions of years to achieve, with only future generations of Eldar enjoying them. When the Fall of the Eldar occurred, many Eldar that didn't flee in Craftworlds went to Maiden Worlds. Unfortunately, many Maiden Worlds were subsequently colonized by humans during the Great Crusade, and many Eldar don't take kindly to the mon'keigh squatting on their planets and don't care about the fact that there was no way the humans would have known it belonged to the Eldar in the first place. In their defense, it's not like humanity would have cared either. To be fair to the Eldar, they give people the chance to be taken by the Eldar to other human worlds instead of fighting and perhaps they accept often enough for this to be continued for ten thousand years. Kinda weird for the spelves to be reasonable, but that small effort is probably worth far more than the eldar lives that would be lost. That, and the Imperium’s habit of using exterminatus on planets it doesn’t think it can take back and obstinate obsession with retaking any worlds lost.

Maiden worlds are known as Lilaethan after Lileath, the Eldar Goddess of Dreams.

Exodite Worlds[edit]

Exodite Worlds are planets which were settled by the Exodites when they abandoned the Eldar Empire. They are highly savage worlds, and Exodites will only build a few settlements, many of which are temporary. Most of the wildlife on Exodite Worlds are dinosaur like creatures which the Exodites call "dragons", and are usually predatory.

The Exodite Worlds have crystalline tendrils that grow through the planet's crust and act as its equivalent to a Craftworld's Infinity Circuit, serving as a repository for the souls of the dead. This also means that in many ways the planet functions as a living organism unto itself, animated by an awareness of the contained spirits of the Eldar who lived and died there over the millennia. The living seers among the Exodites can influence the psychic energy of this "planet spirit" as it is known and can cause the planet to turn against invaders in the event it is attacked, turning a peaceful planet into a borderline deathworld. Awesom-Hey wait a minute... Although in this case, it looks like ol' Geedubs DIDN'T rip off someone else's scifi for once, fucking James Cameron.

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