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The Elderly Marines are a chapter of Space Marines created by the TV Tropes Tabletop Forum. Basically, they are really really old Space Marines, who are fucking awesome. They use wargear such as power scooters, Chaincanes, and Power Walkers. Several older marines have served with the Elderly Marines at some point in their later years. Gabriel Angelos was an Elderly Marine before being stolen by the Blood Ravens

Elderly Marines Daily Rituals[edit]

0230 - Morning Ablutions. The Elderly Marines make an early start of it. Chapter serfs are on hand to assist in extracting the marines from their beds and escorting their honored superiors into the restrooms. The sacred duties they perform within are not spoken of with outsiders.

0250 - Sacrament of the Medication. The chapter's Apothecaries* make their rounds, administering the sacred tonics and panaceas required to keep their battle-brothers in peak physical condition. Only the purest spring water is worthy of washing down the cocktail of pills and tablets that will keep an Elderly Marine alive for another day.

0310 - Morning Prayer. The Company Chaplains begin by eulogizing any Elderly Marines who may have taken their place at the Emperor's side over the course of the night, before beginning their sermons. Subject matter typically centers on the moral decay of the modern Imperium, the golden age of centuries past, and the lack of respect the current crop of Astartes chapters affords their seniors.

0400 - Morning Meal. While other chapters may wait until past noon to partake of their first sustenance for the day, the Elderly Marines know the value of starting off with a good meal. Menus typically center around oatmeal, scrambled eggs, applesauce, and other easily-digested food. Battle-brothers who performed well yesterday may be permitted small amounts of bacon or sausage if their Apothecary thinks their gallbladder can handle it. Additional medication may be consumed at this time, depending on the Apothecaries' directions.

0500 - Morning Amble. The Elderly Marines make a slow but inexorable circuit around their fortress-monastery.

0530 - Search and Rescue. Elements of the 10th Company** are sent to retrieve their battle-brothers.

0700 - Morning Nap. Fatigued by the day's exertions, the Elderly Marines take positions in reinforced recliners and enter a deep slumber to recover their strength. Battle-brothers who are not feeling tired may be allowed to watch local entertainment broadcasts if their Chaplains deem the programs as not being "racy."

0900 - Battle Practice. Though the Elderly Marines are veterans to a man, with millennia of combined experience in the arts of war, they retain the younger Astartes' dedication to keeping their skills honed. Much of their drills involve reminders of how to use their equipment or maintain their wargear, with the chapter's Techmarines on hand to patiently and repeatedly explain how to mark an enemy position on an auspex.

1100 - Midday Meal. Chopped fruits and steamed vegetables are popular menu items alongside soups or, rarely, sandwiches. Battle-brothers who performed with distinction during the morning's drills may partake of pudding. Additional medication may be consumed.

1210 - Afternoon Nap. The Elderly Marines enter another restive trance, the better to digest their recent meal.

1300 - Tactical Review/Reminiscing. The glorious campaigns of centuries past are studied in detail, particularly the battle-brothers' roles in them. It is not uncommon for arguments to erupt over the precise circumstances of famous engagements. Chapter historians and record-keepers are on hand to quickly settle such disturbances before they turn violent.

1500 - Physical Therapy. The chapter's Apothecaries lead their brothers in exercises to help acclimate them to their cybernetic hips or bionic kneecaps.

1630 - Battle Practice. Emphasis on the afternoon's training is typically vehicular combat. Battle-brothers who perform well and are able to pilot their vehicles at more than a walking pace are recruited for the Eighth "Fast Attack" Company on the spot.

1730 - Evening Prayer. The Company Chaplains begin by eulogizing any Elderly Marines who succumbed to the day's training exercises. Sermons typically bear the message of thankfulness, reminding every battle-brother that each day in the Emperor's service is a blessing.

1800 - Evening Meal. Somewhat heavier fare such as poultry or seafood is common, though the emphasis is on fresh, nutritious vegetables. Additional medication may be administered by the Apothecaries at this time.

1900 - Rest Period Begins. Chapter serfs enshroud the Elderly Marines in the most comfortable of linens and wrap their charges in the thickest, plushest blankets. The Fortress-Monastery's thermostat is turned up. Medication may be consumed as needed.

2000 - Restroom visit.

2230 - Restroom visit.

2400 - Restroom visit. A bowel movement may be celebrated.


  • The Elderly Marines boast the highest ratio of Apothecaries to normal battle-brothers, and commonly field one such specialist for every ten other marines.
    • As a chapter of only the most venerable Astartes, the Elderly Marines do not recruit in the traditional manner and therefore field no Scouts. The 10th Company is composed of battle-brothers whose memories and sense of direction remain untouched by the centuries, and perform a similar role on the battlefield - in fact, their skills are called upon more than other chapters' Scout Companies.