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– Infamous line of Karl Franz from Total War: WARHAMMER

An Elector Count is the highest nobility rank in all of The Empire. The person who has this rank is usually in charge of one of ten big Imperial Provinces and has the power to vote for the Emperor, alongside Grand Theogonist of Sigmar and his two Arch-Lectors, Ar-Ulric and Elder of the Moot. They also wield Runefangs and can serve as Empire Generals in battle.


All Elector Counts consider themselves to be descendants and successors of the old tribal chiefs that ruled the land that would eventually become the Empire. When Sigmar arose to forge the powerful human nation, he used diplomacy and/or force to bring them under his banner. However, in the fiftieth year of his reign, Emperor disappeared, leaving no heir to rule. Thankfully, the chieftains were smart enough to realize that the great conflict for a throne would weaken the Empire and make it an easy target for pretty much everyone. So they decided to elect one of them as a new Emperor and took the name Elector Counts.

The Elector Counts (as of 2519 IC)[edit]

Former Elector Counts[edit]

  • Konrad or Vilner Aldrech (Drakwald)
  • Eldred (Solland)


Forces of The Empire

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