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LIGHTNING GUNS WOOOOH! Arc Weapons are a type of weapon utilised by the armed forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Unlike the other 'lightning gun' used by the Thallax, Arc Weapons are actually tried and true lightning weaponry. They are powered by bulky perma-capacitors shipped from Mars' great repositorum; some of these zinc-plated blocks store energy from days when the Imperium was young. Arc Weapons discharge energy with a loud crack, firing blots of blue-white electricity that can fry a man's brain or overload a war machine's data-cortex in a second.

On the tabletop they are basically Imperial Haywire weapons; come in pistol or rapid fire format for your pleasure. Also has a nice S6 if you don't want to shoot at vehicles for some reason, though at only AP -1 you'll need some luck to do more than scratch a Rhino’s paint.

For the more lethal and overpowered Necron variety, see here:

Close-Combat Variants[edit]

Shock Baton[edit]

Shock Baton

A civilian-grade 'Arc' weapon. A Shock Baton is a type of Imperial law enforcement weapon frequently used by the Adeptus Arbites and Inquisition.

This weapon expands with a flick of the wrist from a small, easily concealable rod no longer than the width of a hand to a slim eighteen-inch long club. The weapon contains a tiny shock generator that can generate five Shock discharges before it requires recharging. It is common amongst undercover investigators who wish their quarry to survive for interrogation, and occasionally finds its way into the armouries of more secretive organisations like the Inquisition.

In Necromunda, it is primarily used by the Enforcers as a form of close-range crowd control. The more military and killy version of the Shock Baton is the Arc Maul which can be further read below.

Shock Maul[edit]

Shock Maul

The more civilian-friendly version of the Arc Maul. Should NOT be confused with either the aforementioned Arc Maul or the Shock Baton.

These weapons are most commonly seen in the use of the Adeptus Arbites and Enforcer squads on countless Imperial worlds. Upon activation, they deliver a powerful incapacitating shock to the enemy. Shock Mauls are primarily used for crowd control, but can also be a deadly melee weapon.

In relation to the Shock Baton, the Shock Maul is its bigger brother, with a longer reach and having, what seems to be a near-unlimited supply of battery energy needed to charge this damn thing if the crowd control description is anything to go by. As such, if the Shock Baton is used for emergencies, the Shock Maul is used for long-term engagements for riots that have overstayed its welcome.

Arc Maul[edit]

Arc Maul

Shooting from afar is fine and all, but in the grim darkness of the future, any tech that can't be applied at close range will be looked at with shame. Thus, the arc maul combines the power of a bludgeon weapon with the energy and electricity created by an arch engine to make one brutal CQC monster.

On tabletop, the Arc Maul is a Power Maul with a nifty rule you'll never use (but priced as such), iconic to Skitarii Alphas. A decent melee weapon for its price with nice Strength and AP.



The more Heretical version of the Arc Maul. Used by the Negavolt Cultist, the Electro-Goad is a weapon meant for pin-point strikes at machines and even living organisms, rather than beating it into a pulp like the Arc Maul.

These weapons are used by the Negavolts to defile and pervert the machinery of the Adeptus Mechanicus as the Goads brings out arcs of Warp-infused energy into the tip of the weapon to cause some Extra Heresy.

On the tabletop, these weapons are S2, D1 weapon with zero AP, so ain't doing too much to a MEQ. However, each hit roll on a 6+ with this weapon will score 3 hits automatically.

Arc Claw[edit]

Arc Claw

Arc Claws are a type of weapon used by the Adeptus Mechanicus, typically mounted on Kataphron Battle Servitors.

During the Cyberghoul Wars, the burrowing Daemon machines of Warpsmith Votogr Bolga were met talon to talon by Metalica’s servitor defenders. It was the invention of the arc claw that turned the tide – a potent delivery system for the most sophisticated scrambler technology the Adeptus Mechanicus could devise.

On tabletop, the Arc Claw is a S+1 weapon with AP-1. It'll have the strength to wound infantry and light vehicles the Breacher manages to catch, and the AP to be a bother. However, anything heavier than a light vehicle is going to survive the scratch.

Shock Stave[edit]

Shock Stave

Shock Staves are a form of long-reach close-combat arc weapons used mainly for suppression and stun. They are like the civilian equivelent of the Taser Goads. Nevertheless, nothing stops a person from tinkering the weapon from a overglorified taser into a lethal force weapon.

They are often used by House Van Saar in Necromunda as a close-combat weapon.

On the tabletop, the Shock Stave cost 25 credits for +1 Strength, shock, and versatile. Best choice if someone is going for cc and a much better choice than the Shock Baton.

Shock Whip[edit]

Shock Whip

The more electrostatic variant of the Neural Whip and unlike the Electro-Flail, actually stays true to its name. The Shock Whip is a whip that has electroconductive barbs embedded in its structure, allowing the user to both lacerate and zap the ever-loving fuck out of people. The Shock Whip is presumed to have a few charges before needing to be restocked like most weapons in Necromunda, although its reach is much higher than the other shock weapons in the Hive World.

They are often a status weapon, used by only the Matriarchs of House Escher in Necromunda. Due to the difficulties in using the whip and its unorthodox nature. The Shock Whip is a pretty uncommon weapon to face in the Underhive, but its unorthodox nature makes it hard to counter.

The head of the whip is a heavy morning star-like contraption, which is odd since it would alter how the whip function, but oh well...

On the tabletop, they are only available to a few characters, which are the Gang Queen, Gang Matriarch, Death Maiden and the Gang Sister. For a gang like this, that can expect to have a few characters that will invariably excel in combat, the Shock Whip can make a huge difference. It is an incredibly versatile weapon which makes it absolutely excellent, and the rest of the stats and rules are just icing on the cake.

Taser Goad[edit]

Taser Goad

Taser Goads are a Taser Weapon which are like a sub-category of Arc Weapons that are used by the Skitarii. As its name implies, these Taser Weapons are essentially oversized and overcharged real life tasers cattle prods.

Powered by a hyperdynamo capacitor, taser weapons store an incredible amount of energy. A solid impact will cause this energy to discharge in a scorching blast. After unleashing the electrical discharge, the remaining energy is stored by the electrothief prongs at goad's tip.

On tabletop, taser weapons have lousy AP but good strength, relies on each hit roll of 6+ causing 3 hits instead of one, meaning they can benefit from Conqueror doctrina to explode on 4+. Rerolls to hit (Remorseless Fist Canticle, Prime Hermeticon WT, Omniscient Mask relic) are common enough. The Taser Goad itself is a S+2 weapon and is available to Infiltrators and Skitarii Alphas.

Taser Lance[edit]

Taser Lance

Taser Lances are a Taser Weapon which are like a sub-category of Arc Weapons that are used by the Sydonian Dragoons. As its name implies, these Taser Weapons are essentially oversized and overcharged real life tasers.

Powered by a hyperdynamo capacitor, taser weapons store an incredible amount of energy. A solid impact will cause this energy to discharge in a scorching blast. After unleashing the electrical discharge, the remaining energy is stored by the electrothief prongs at the lances' tip. Because of its long length, Taser Lances can only be carried on the mechanical cavalry of the Mechanicus like the aforementioned Sydonian Dragoon.

On tabletop, taser weapons have lousy AP but good strength, relies on each hit roll of 6+ causing 3 hits instead of one, meaning they can benefit from Conqueror doctrina to explode on 4+. Rerolls to hit (Remorseless Fist Canticle, Prime Hermeticon WT, Omniscient Mask relic) are common enough. The Taser Lance itself is a S+3 AP-1 D2 weapon; now hitting at Str8 whether you charged or not.

Electroleech Stave[edit]

Electroleech Stave

Electroleech Staves are a type of weapon used by Adeptus Mechanicus Electro-Priests. The powerful capacitors built into the length of each electroleech stave allow them to drink every iota of electric force from those they strike - be they living or machine.. Huh, that actually makes sense. Give electricity in a body or machine a better channel and it’ll go that way into the staff. Scary as fuck, though.

On tabletop, the Electroleech Stave is a S5 AP-2 weapon, which makes it behave like a SM power axe with extra damage and a chance for mortal wounds. Now you only need to get those Fulgurites into melee.

Hand-Held Variants[edit]

Arc Grenade[edit]

For more information, see here: Arc Grenade

Electrostatic Gauntlet[edit]

Electrostatic Gauntlet

~ Emperor Palpatine

Electrostatic Gauntlets are a type of weapon used by Adeptus Mechanicus Electro-Priests. Corpuscarii wear metal apparatus around their wrists that channels tremendous electrostatic potential from dorsal generators. This can be discharged in a cascade of killing lightning.

On the tabletop, Electrostatic Gauntlets behave like taser weapons despite not being one. Being S5 instead of S (User+2) and wielded by Corpuscarii only makes this weapons unable to be boosted by either Conqueror or Machine Might...but they can also be used as 12" Assault 3 taser guns.

Arc Pistol[edit]

Arc Pistol

A small pistol based on Arc technology and most commonly used by Skitarii Vanguard/Ranger Alphas. Trying to use this to 'charge up' your phone or any other electrical appliances is heavily frowned upon by the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Priesthood of Mars, though any subsequent punishment is just salt on the wound compared to said appliances inevitably exploding.

Crunch wise, it is a very nasty little weapon. Essentially it is a 12" S6 AP -1 Pistol that can shred infantry (it wounds guardsmen on 2s) and can annoy vehicles as well. It works really well when paired with its much bigger brother, the Arc Rifle due to the Arc Rifle's rapid fire rule.

Voltaic Blaster[edit]

Voltaic Pistol

The Voltaic Blaster is a special type of energy weapon (Most likely an Arc weapon given its function) used by Adeptus Mechanicus Lectro-Maesters. These weapons can shock a target's animating energies from their body.

The Lectro-Maesters themselves are a type of Artisan Tech-Priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus who come from the same religious sect as the Electro Priests. Thus, they wield an array of technological marvels, such as a generator backpack which generates a powerful voltagheist field which sends out wraiths of energy whenever the wearer is threatened. These bursts of electricity can also act as a shield, prematurely detonating incoming munitions and dissipate energy projectiles. The Voltaic Blaster is one such marvel.

There are in fact rules for this weapon, and it acts like a pistol version of a Necron Tesla weapon. Makes you think..... Speaking of Necrons and considering what Necrons are, perhaps this weapon can permanently kill them by eradicating their mind engrams.

Arc Rifle[edit]

Arc Rifle

A rapid firing Arc Weapon used as a special weapon in Skitarii Vanguard and Ranger squads. The Arc Pistol's bigger brother. This is the gun you need when you want a little bit more range in your lightning cannon. Basically your typical tesla gun in not THOSE Tesla weapons..

Crunch wise on the tabletop, it is known to possibly be one of the best-looking guns the Skitarii have. It's 24" Rapid Fire, which means it pairs well with its little brother.

The Arc Rifle is one of the most common Arc weapons found in the Mechanicum.

Arc Lance[edit]

Arc Lance

The Arc Lance is a type of Arc Weapon used by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Wielded by Secutarii Hoplites, this powerful spear is akin to the Arc Mauls used by their Skitarii Legion counterparts as well as the far larger version wielded by Cerastus Knight Lancers. The arc lance inflicts damage through short range blasts of coruscating energy augmented by an inversion field mounted in the paired Mag-inverter Shield. Thus the weapon is capable of both making a melee and projectile attack.

On tabletop, Arc Lance has a shorter range than the Arc Rifle, but compensates by being versatile, since it is a Str +3 melee weapon too. This means that Hoplites are formidable both at range and in close combat. Making the Arc Lance a very flexible weapon.

Vehicle Variants[edit]

Vultarax Arc Blaster[edit]

Vultarax Arc Blaster

The Vultarax Arc Blaster was a type of Arc Weapon. Primarily mounted on the Vultarax Class Robot, it was a a versatile weapon capable of burning out the cogitators and engines of enemy vehicles and robots.

The Vultarax Arc Blaster is the only airborne adapted Arc weapon designed during the later years of the Great Crusade. During the Horus Heresy, the Arc Blaster found its use against both traitor and loyalist AdMech forces during the civil war on Mars.

The large cybernetic machinery within the Mechanicum made its extremely vulnerable to Arc weapons with the Arc Blaster being one of the more notorious examples used during the civil war, with the Arc Blaster permanently shutting down vast swaths of battle automata and combat servitors in one shot.

Heavy Arc Rifle[edit]

Heavy Arc Rifle

A heavy Arc Weapon designed to slay the Daemon machines of the Dark Mechanicum, Heavy Arc Rifles send out shallow parabolas of crackling energy that revolve around each other, forming triple helixes as they blast forth.

Should these ground upon a metallic target, they will swiftly overload its circuits and banish its animating spirit to the ether. Heavy Arc Rifles are part of the standard armament of Cult Mechanicus' Kataphron Breachers.

In terms of Crunch, it's a 36" 2 shot S6 gun. Comes default on Breachers. Use it to pop open any vehicles giving you grief or to reveal the tasty transported center.

Lightning Lock[edit]

Lightning Lock

Unlike say the Lightning Gun, which is Pretend in the form of a weapon. The Lightning Lock is an actual...well...lightning gun.

The Lightning Lock was a type of weapon employed by Imperial Knight Moirax. The Moirax had the ability to overcharge their own reactor cores in order to supplement the power of their ionising locks, unleashing the surge of power in sustained electromagnetic blasts of energy over short ranges. The Moirax always comes with two for double the fun, so these Lightning Locks should be a pain in the ass for anything mechanical.

It is unknown whether using the energy generated from your engine in order to power up your weapons, counts as a good idea. Given how the Knight Moirax is meant to be a fast attack walker. If it has to share power and comes at the cost of the Knight being unable to move...well lets just say that the Moirax would fail utterly at its job.. Common sense would dictate this won’t be a problem because, as stated, the reactor output is overloaded. Presumably to send the surplus to enhance their weapons.

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