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Elishar symbol.jpg
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Intermediate God
Pantheon Following the Light
Portfolio Light, positive energy, prophecy
Domains Good, Healing, Knowledge, Luck, Protection, Sun
Home Plane Positive Energy Plane
Worshippers Good and neutral mortals
Favoured Weapon Scimitar

"Seed and source of life and light,
Goal of all our living:
You defend us from the night,
Healing and forgiving.
As our life flows from you only,
Let it be both pure and holy."

– Hymn to Elishar

Elishar is the god of light, positive energy, and prophecy. He was introduced as one half of an example of a duelistic pantheon in D&D. He opposes his counterpart, Toldoth.


A depiction of Elishar.

Followers of Elishar believe in the power of life as being good in itself, and ultimately the greatest power in the universe. They believe that all evil and everything that opposes life comes from Toldoth, an sometimes equate the worship of other deities to worshipping him or are misled by him. The Followers of Light, as they call themselves, believe they are called out to combat sickness, death, and spread the light of Elishar.

A major point of doctrine is also the believe that one day, Elishar will fight Toldoth directly, and that he will ultimately win. Anyone who believes otherwise, is a filthy heretic.