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A black dagger
Alignment Chaotic Neutral (Chaotic Evil tendencies)
Divine Rank Lesser Goddess
Pantheon Cerilian
Portfolio Darkness, night, thieves
Domains Chaos, Darkness, Illusion, Trickery
Home Plane The Endless Maze (Pandemonium)
Worshippers Liars, rogues, smugglers, spies, thieves
Favoured Weapon Dagger

Eloéle (pronounced eh-LOW-eh-lay), also called Éla and Elyal, is the Cerilian goddess of thieves, night, and darkness. She's the daughter of Sera and Ruornil, and romantically involved with Cuiraécen.


Eloéle was born in the early centuries after the Battle at Mount Deismaar, and has since then been slowly building her following around Cerilia. She's also since then wandered the lands of Aebrynis, staying an hour ahead of dawn, helping thieves and rogues, and stealing the unstealable.


Eloéle almost never appears in the same form twice. She always appears as a woman whose face has features of every nationality in Cerilia, wearing loose-fitting clothes that allow freedom of movement along with a cloak that conceals her completely when wrapped around her completely.


The followers of Eloéle are mainly those who seek economic and political power through intrigue and plots. They are a subtle lot, with blackmail, misinformation, and burglary being main ways of getting what they want, with violence being used selectively and intelligently. What little rules or guidelines they have are derived from the goddess' own style and preferences. They also lie as much as possible, as tales are told those followers who tell the truth being struck dumb by the Sister of Thieves. The only holy day is 11th of Sehnir, the day of Eloéle's birth.

Her church is fairly young, having influence only in Anuire, Brechtür, and Vosgaard. They also double as thieves guilds or mercantile guilds, with the two branches working together.

Éla's Quick Fingers[edit]

The church in Müden has the largest temple complex dedicated to her, the Grotto of the Evening Star. It's high priestess, Fulda Spiritwalker, teaches that Éla, as the goddess of night and darkness, must be appeased so she keeps the fearsome creatures of the Shadow World from coming to this world, as she control the passage between the realms. Of course most people just come to the church to pray that Éla preotects them from thieves rather than otherworldly beasts. The high priestess also leads the thieves guild of the same name, using her religious influnce to cover for her mercantile endeavors. It also isn't unusual that she declares new ceremonies and rites that require materials and practices she can only get through her guild.

Eloéle of Mieres[edit]

The church in Mieres, located on the continent of Aduria. The followers here are smugglers, preparing themselves to fight against the governor's guilds, having built numerous buildings housing underground passages for the war and smuggling. They are also fighting against the followers of the Vos gods, and thus have gained experience in the nastier aspects of urban warfare.

Night Walkers[edit]

The church in Grabentod, whose leader, Haltengabben (roughly translated as "stand and deliver"), once an ally to the captured King Albrecht Graben, is now swaying in alliance between the steward Harlmut and the King's Men, and the would-be ruler Parniel Bowspear.

The Deities & Faiths of Birthright
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Haelyn - Moradin Nesirie - Taelinri Cuiraécen - Laerme
Land's Protectorate
Neutral Avani Erik - Ruornil Eloéle - Sera
Evil Karthatok - Kriesha
The Serpent - Torazan
The Cold Rider Belinik - Yeenoghu