Elsinor Favored Sons

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ExirusGuardsman.jpgThis article is about an Imperial Army formation from the /tg/ Heresy project, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40k universe.

201st Elsinor 'Favored Sons'
Homeworld Elsinor Secundus
Doctrine Infantry, Stealth
Signature Equipment Light-rifle, silenced sidearms
Colors Black and gray striped camouflage
Associated Legion Scale Bearers

The 201st Elsinor Infantry 'Favored Sons' were a formation in the Imperial Army, and representative of many of the early regiments from Elsinor Secundus.


Elsinor Secundus is a human world located in Segmentum Temptestus. When the Expeditionary Fleets of the Great Crusade arrived, many young members of the nobility saw joining the Crusade as the adventure of a lifetime, and jumped at the opportunity. This newly formed regiment took the name 'Favored Sons' as a nod to their upbringing as planetary nobility. Already members of the Elsinor Planetary Defense Force, the volunteers put their training to good use, adapting their skills as elite infantry to become a spear pointed at the enemies of Man.


The Favored Sons prefer to use a mix of technology and surprise to gain the upper hand in battle. Night attacks, surgical strikes, and covert operations are all standard strategy when planning an operation.

Special Equipment[edit]

This regiment has access to the wealth of their homeworld. The typical trooper carries a light-rifle, a beam weapon of some strength used on Elsinor Secundus. More powerful than the later lasgun, the light-rifle fires narrow beams of highly-charged particles-- at top strength, capable of punching through tank armour, though rarely used at this setting due to power cost. Also equipped with an omnispec, an all-purpose wrist auspex. Modified from the type common on their homeworld, the omnispec is fed wirelessly into the helmet visor allowing Elsinor troopers to scan the environment around them, assess threats, etc.


Elsinor Secundus is an Imperial World. Largely ice, though a temperate belt exists near the planetary equator which is divided up into estates amongst the nobility. Strips of mountainous tundra separate this temperate belt from the rest of the planet. Primitive tribes dwell in this tundra; planetologists surmise that these primitives are the original inhabitants of the equatorial belt. The Scale Bearers Adeptus Astartes Chapter recruits from these tribes, and thus they are given a wide berth. The rest of the planet's population lives in the icy wastes, in either Hive-cities or eking out a living in sprawling man-made subterranean caverns. The PDF is drawn entirely from the nobility; it spends most of its time policing the planetary population.

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