Embrace the Virus

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This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

"There are some who would call me a monster. I don't blame them especially. People have always hated and feared what they do not understand. But I do weep for them some times. They will never experience the holy terror, and the power, and the glory of the Virus in the same way as I do.

I was like you once. A humble netizen, a collection of zeroes and ones with little purpose, little understanding of the true nature of this place. I toiled on the data runs, I defended my little fort and, in my ignorance, I believed that I was content.

And then it happened. That glorious day when my eyes were opened and I finally saw the truth. The viruses were not the enemy! They were the true masters of this realm, these beings of incontestable purity, not us. Where we were doubtful, they were precise. Where we were distracted, they were focused. Where we lived in fear of their very presence, they were utterly and completely fearless. Perfect.

That is why I opened the floodgates and extinguished the firewalls. That is why I submitted myself to the roaring hurricane of toxic data and allowed one of the holy virii to integrate with my digital soul. That is why I stand before you now, changed beyond recognition by the powers that have touched me.

Embrace the truth. Embrace the light. Embrace the virus."