Emperor's Bears

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Emperor's Bears
Emperor's Bears Symbol.jpg
Battle Cry Unknown
Number Unknown
Founding 38th Millennium Founding
Successors of Ultramarines
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Unknown
Primarch Roboute Guilliman
Homeworld Feral Ice world and Feral Jungle world
Strength N/A
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Blue & Green (colour layout depends on which planet the marine is from)
Believed to be the livery of a marine from the Ice World.

As awesome as their name would suggest, the Chapter was lost in its entirety in Warp transit, and the Black Bell of Terra tolled many a time for their loss. The Emperor's Administratum has compiled this log of their deeds and storied history:


Bear cavalry- in spess!


Chapter History 
38th Millennium
Chapter Progenitor 
Chapter Purpose 
Strategic Prognostication
Gene Seed Purity 
Chapter Demeanor 
Brothers in Battle
Stat Bonuses 
+5 Agility, +5 Fellowship
Figure of legend 
Chapter Master
Deed of legend 
The figure is remembered as the bane of the Orks, to such an extent that his name is known to the vile greenskins even to this day.
Special Equipment 
Modified Weaponry
Chapter Homeworld 
Feral Ice world and Feral Jungle world
Chapter Rule 
Chapter Friendship 
Adeptus Astra Telepathica
Chapter Enemy 
Combat Doctrine 
Shock and Awe
Chapter Belief 
Honour the Ancestors
Chapter Status 

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