Emperor's Teeth

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The Blood Maw
Number XIX
Founding First Founding
Primarch Camaxtli, The Maw, The Crocodile
Homeworld Chalchihuitl, Charadon Sector, Ultima Segmentum
Strength 180,000
Specialty Ambush, Rapid Assault
Allegiance Pre-Scouring:Chaos Undivided, Post-Scouring Heru, Lord of the Tides
Colours Colors (pre-Camaxtli's death): Dependent on terrain/variety of Primary colors differentiated based on rank. Colors (post-Camaxtli's death): Dependent on terrain/quartered red and black with a light-white/blue helm. Prominent members covered in red and white carvings across armor.


Taua - To facilitate the legion's rapid mobilization and assault tactics, its military structure is loosely organized into Taua or 'War Parties'. Unit consistency is typically structured by immediate need and familiarity.

Rangatira - Captain Equivalent. Rangatira are selected based upon their battlefield and leadership proficiency. The word is a catch all term: specific Rangatira designations are dependent on specialisation, for example: Rangatira Urehikau Kauaeroa is known as Hunts Master due to his proficiency as a tracker, capturer, and killer of priority targets.

Tohunga - Blood Priest/Curandero - Determined by function, Tohunga consist of a combination of psykers and chaplain equivalents, known as Curandero and Blood Priest respectively. Each Tohunga is tasked with mastering a specific aspect of war and expected to participate in engagements that require their skills, for example: Curandero Ohiro is both Lore Keeper and Seer. Thus, he is often found utilizing his precognition to determine potential threats and unforeseen complications prior to battle.

Toa Tatai - Sergeant equivalent. Toa Tatai are permanently bonded to squads of marines numbering between ten and twenty individuals. The Toa Tatai are responsible for the individual discipline and training of the astartes they command, and will be called upon by the Rangatira when their particular unit's abilities are needed.

Toa - Tactical marine/scout marine equivalent. Typically utilized for recon, target identification and (rarely) assassination. Toa are usually made up of new recruits and only appear in mass when supporting armored columns.

Toa Tere - Assault Marine equivalent. Toa Tere, or "Pack Men", are the most numerous unit type in the Emperor's Teeth legion. They are typically the first astartes to enter combat if more elite squads are unavailable, and are tasked with the elimination and/or capture of enemy artillery assets, officers, and post-battle hostile survivors.

Toa Mihini - Shorn Ones/Blood Bound - Emperor's Teeth First Company, these assault infantry are deployed via drop pod or aerial assault craft and utilize a combination of short-range teleportation devices and/or accompanying Curandero psychic powers. Often equipped with a combination of Artificed Macuahuitls explosive Atlatls (post primarch's discovery), power Pouwhenuas, Taiahas, and Tewhatewhas, Toa Mihini would suddenly appear amongst the foe, annihilate them with brutal strikes from their weapons, then teleport to another location to avoid retaliation.

Tao Mihini 'Crocodile teeth' - Are the mechanized divisions and heavy support of the Emperor's Teeth. After the initial assault, Toa Mihini are used to destroy any remaining targets, particularly hostile heavy support, and clear the area. The Tao Mihini are what ensure conquered territory remains secure.

Legion Summary[edit]

The Emperor's Teeth is a loosely organized close assault legion which relies on pre-battle intel, ambush, and numerical advantages to seize victory. They are an undeniably effective, if incredibly bloody, fighting force who excel against static defenses and small, elite armies. Their maneuverability and superior numbers giving them the tactical advantage over better equipped and stronger foes. This is further encouraged by a legion culture which revolves around trophy hunting, Oaths, sacrifice, and avenging slights against legion members.

Unification wars[edit]

  • Used as assault and ambush troops to distract enemy/aid in deployment of other legions
  • Even then often deployed against extremely deadly foes, ref:Initial assault on the Yerushabim, Extermination of the Mutant Colonies of the Mariana Canyon, Arctic Pacification Action
  • Recruited from warrior-tribes in the pacific
  • Beginnings of a cultural foundation of honor code, ritual sacrifice, and blood rites.