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The Emperor has ascended to his rightful place as a god of all mankind. His roars of pain as he tore his way into the Immaterium and carved out a portion of it for his own, those screams created the Eye of Terra. All but the farthest reaches of Segmentum Solar were placed under its dominion. Untold billions upon billions of lives were lost to the Warp that day, entire worlds, entire fleets, entire orders, all wiped out in an instant. But these blessed souls were saved by the hand of the Emperor made Ascendant. Their sins, no matter how heavy, were stripped by His hand itself, and made pure. These purified souls then basked in the almighty light of Him and were born again as Angels. Those beings who descend from His Heaven to bless us all, those beings which take part in His crusades to re-unite the Empire of Man! For though He spent only the minimum of time needed to create his army, this was time enough for the sinful masses to lose their way and stride pridefully, arrogantly!, into the darkness. Away from His light! The forces of chaos, in that instant of time, took advantage of the paralysis of man and spread wider and further into the Imperium. They have carved the Empire of Man into the Empires of Chaos! And even worse! Our fellow humans have deserted us! Decrying the Emperor as a Chaos God! These blasphemers! seek to excuse their selfish urges to create their own Empire, separate from that of the Emperor's! But know thee this. With faith and steel we will overcome, with the Emperor's Angels in front of us and Heaven behind us, with the sinew of man and the will of man! We will return all of humanity to the embrace of their God! We! Will! Prevail!
-Recording of Confessor Hammond Pious, 1 AT [After Terra], exact date unknown.
-Preaching to the masses of Tarsis Ultra through wide-band vox from his Voidship, classification: Unknown. See Picts 1-3 and files 2-4 for images and descriptions.
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This scrap of code was found upon the many datachits belonging to a man indigenous to Tarsis Ultra, lynched 10 days after the Imperial Sermon. An Imperial Rosette found by a pickpocket was apparently the catalyst for his death.

The Imperium of Man is dead. Shattered on that day Holy Terra became the center of a warp-storm the likes of which will never be seen again lest this Galaxy tear itself apart. It has been ravaged and torn apart piece-meal. One corner to Khorne, one corner to Nurgle, one corner to Tzeentch, one corner to Slaanesh, and the rest belongs to the Empire of Man. The Empires of Man, one which rests in the Emperor-carved Heaven that is the Eye of Terra, the rest which are mongrel Empires and Imperiums, grasping about for a chance to stay alive. And everywhere the Xenos crawls like maggots upon the fresh corpse of Mankind. So much has gone wrong. And now there is nothing left but faith.

I pity myself at times, for I can no longer take refuge in faith. For I know the Empirical Truth! That the thing that sits wages war from within his Heaven, is NOT the Emperor, nor the Emperor made Ascendant. I have met the true Emperor and I despair at what little hope we have. For the Emperor was reborn with the birth of the Emperor-Ascendant, then broken by the Eye of Terra. He walks amongst us all. Walking the pathways between stars, trying to knit his Imperium together. I laugh at him! I laugh at this crippled god who is less a God, but more a man! Who leans against his staff of Adamantium! I laugh at how a mortal may do a God's work!


Lesser Angels: Canonized[edit]

Canonized Sister.png

Fallen Sisters of Battle, now reborn through His divine will and the ever growing power of their faith manifest in the warp, these lesser 'Angels' are often called Canonized Sisters, manifesting upon the battlefield and within his sanctums as very idealized humanoid figures, clad in form fitting gold armor adorned with Imperial heraldry and designed to emphasize and glorify the human form. The armor in question often ranging from the standard SoB boobplate to pretty much just metal skin, though either way the armor and 'skin' blend together, making it difficult at best to determine where one ends and the other begins, additionally, most of their 'gear' is grafted onto them, melded with them just like their armor. The Sisters themselves, though tall, muscular, and physically idealized compared to what they were in life, are not overtly sexualized (at least not any more than the SoB currently are) but still definitely based on a beautiful female and definitely able to wreck your shit.

Only the most faithful manifest as an Angel, and while the vast majority of Angels are former Sisters, any man or woman of the Imperium with sufficient faith and zealotry can rise to this glorious station. Though even then not every Angel is born directly from one of the faith, the vast majority of human souls that give their life for the Imperium every day, lacking both the faith to earn that reward and the fanaticism so easily warped into an angel's mindset, are still useful as raw soulstuff, their faith refined into an angel born of the amalgamation of their zeal, when it's not incorporated into and used to uplift more noble souls to angelhood.

Greater Angels: Ebon Avenger[edit]

Ebon Avenger.png

Like other Angels the Ebon Avengers are born of faith and fanaticism, though taken to degrees far surpassing their sisters. Though they still reflect the perfection of humanity, they have become something far more and altogether inhuman, faith refined to a degree that even the most devout mortals tremble in fearful awe at their presence, their appearance heralds a great and monument event, for what else would the highest of Angels descend upon the materium for? Though they have been known to commune and inspire the faithful, in this age of war all too often the only message they send is for the enemies of man to BE NOT

Angelic Beasts: [Name?][edit]

Resembles a greek-style winged sphinx, with the wings being golden/mechanic and inspired by the look of the wings on the Aquila symbol.