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A Tarrasque appears on Holy Terra. What do?

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE SUM TOTAL OF THE EMPERASQUE. Writefag "Someone else." has elected to continue the story in incremental dumps on Suptg, in lieu of learning how to edit wikis. When the story is over, he promises to change the above links to reflect edits and retcons. Until then, the story is best told through the archival links at the bottom of the page. The story is finished, and has been transferred to 1d4chan in its entirety. The archival links are still available if you prefer that format. Note also that the preferred spelling of the word is Emperasque.

To explain what this story is, it is a comical story about the God-Emperor achieving a new form of ascension You'll find out the rest in the story. (warning: contains spoilers for LCB)

Other Writefaggotry[edit]

Transcript of vox-transmission near station Drakontas-4

???: -atch me through to our lord now!
???: As you order, it shall be done.
???: What is this meaning of this converse?
???: My lord and master, Cypher has succeed in his goal. The beast has been released within the Golden Throne.
???: And the Emperor?
???: Reborn as the Star Child at long last. He has already begun to adorn the galaxy with his magnificence. That fool Abaddon has been injured beyond repair, and our reborn lord removed Guilliman from his throne on Macragge.
???: *chuckle* Excellent. The fruits of our ancient scheme have finally shown themselves. Soon the Galaxy will be utterly conquered by the ultimate God-Emperor, and we shall fight by him in his true glory! HYDRA DOMINATUS!
???: *snicker* Just as planned. Wait, why is the signal jammer of-

Tales of the Emperasque[edit]

Transfer of story from /tg/ in progress, watch this space. Transfer complete.



Well, the story's ended. If you want to find the threads past the first two, search sup/tg/ for the tag Tarrasque, which will get you all but the ninth, because some idiot labelled it tErrasque instead.


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Emperasque Quest threads are not archived because Someone else. !!Qb2aRW+wCPO is a terribad DM.