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With the release of The End Times, Warhammer Fantasy is undergoing some steady rule-revamping. Part of the third wave (the Khaine splats, focusing on the elves) involved refinements to magic. Part of those refinements were the End Times Spells, which are basically uber-powerful spells that any spellcaster of level 3 or higher knows.

An eligible caster knows all of relevant End Times spells for the lores they take spells from; it's a bit ambiguous if "choose lore X or Y, but not both" type casters like Grey Seers know all of their End Times spells or only the ones belonging to the lore they choose. Not helped by the fact that the "Magic of the End Times" rules effectively state that all wizards now have the old benefits of Loremaster (that is, they know all spells for their chosen lore, instead of randomly rolling for a number determined by their casting level).

A given End Times Spell can only be cast once per Magic phase, and its only limitation is that the caster needs to make the casting roll; if they do pull one of these spells off, then they cannot be dispelled.

List of End Times Spells[edit]


All casters of any Lore know these End Times Spells.

Conjure Arcane Fulcrum The wizard commands a towering fulcrum of magical energy into existence, which lifts him high into the air. A Summoning type spell that casts on a 12+. It summons an Arcane Fulcrum at a point within 6", and the caster is teleported to its top.

The Lore of Fire[edit]

'Withering Heat With a triumphant gesture, the wizard sets a curse of desiccation upon his foe's flesh. Hex that casts on a 20+. Targets all enemy units on the battlefield. Until the start of the casters next magic phase whenever a target unit charges/pursues/flees 3d6 are rolled and the highest is discarded. All Target units are flammable. Flaming attacks reroll to wound against target units.

The Lore of Light[edit]

Enlightenment The light of truth is a powerful thing, strengthening the righteous and banishing the unholy. Casts on a 20+, Hex against Destruction. Aug against Order. All units within 12" are affected. Order become unbreakable. Destruction take a LD test on 4d6 and suffer a wound for every point their LD is exceeded by. Non-aligned = unaffected.

The Lore of Beasts[edit]

A Murder of Crows Calling upon Corvus the Crowlord, the wizard summons a voracious flock of carrion birds to tear flesh from bone. Summons a Magical Vortex that Remains in Play, casts on a 15+. Large Round Template. Nominate a direction. 3x an artillary dice. Misfire centre on wizard and scatter d6. Any model touched by the template suffers a S3 hit.

The Lore of Metal[edit]

Meteoric Ironclad Casting charms of silver and iron, the wizard creates suits of enchanted armour that no weapon can breach. Augment that casts on a 15+. Target unit within 24" has a 2+ ward save.

The Lore of Life[edit]

Storm of Renewal Raw life-energy flows across the battlefield, mending wounds and restoring the fallen to fresh vigour. Summons a Magical Vortex that Remains in Play, casts on a 15+. Large round template. Nominate a direction. 2x an artillery dice. Any unit under or passed over regains 2D6+1 wounds worth of models. Unit champion resurrected first, then musician, then rank and file with multiple wounds, and then regular rank and file.

The Lore of Heavens[edit]

Let The Four Winds Blow! Calling upon the spirits of air, the wizard sends mighty winds howling across the battlefield. Magic Missile with range of 48" that casts on a 15+. Targets up to four enemy units or magical vortexes in any combination. Each target is pushed 2D6 from caster. Any model that hits impassable terrain takes 2D6 strength 3 hits. If target comes into contact with other unit, both stop and take 2D6 strength 3 hits. Any vortex pushed into a unit damages the unit as normal.

The Lore of High Magic[edit]

Deadlock Such is their mastery in magic, the slann of Lustria and the most powerful elven mages can mystically nullify the flow of a foe's sorcerous powers. A Hex that casts on a 20+. Targets Any wizard on the battlefield and prevents them from casting, channeling and dispelling until the start of the next magic phase.

The Lore of Dark Magic[edit]

Oblivion To a wizard proficient in dark magic, an arcane fulcrum is more than a conduit of power; it is unparalleled destruction, just waiting to be unleashed. Casts on a 25+ and targets all models within 6' of a chosen arcane fulcrum, inflicting a strength 10 hit. Then roll a D6, if 4+ then the arcane fulcrum is blown to smithereens and removed from play.

The Lore of Shadow[edit]

Bridge of Shadow At the wizard's command, a bridge of shadow and spite whisks his allies across the battlefield. An Augment that casts on a 15+ and with a range of 24". Target unit is immediately moved from the battlefield and place anywhere within the wizard's line of sight.

The Lore of Death[edit]

Ashes and Dust A choking dust cloud erupts from the wizard's fingertips, suffocating all in its path. Summons a Magical Vortex that Remains in Play, casts on a 15+. Large Round Template. Nominate a direction. 2x an artillary dice. Misfire centre on wizard and scatter d6. Any model touched by the template take leadership test at -3 penalty, and take one wound for every point the test is failed by, no armor saves.

The Lore of the Vampires[edit]

The Army of Doom Keep. The legendary elf mage Anareth could not forever destroy the dread army of Doom Keep, so he sealed it away in a pocket of magic. Alas, this prison could not remain secret forever and, little by little, accursed necromancers have begun to draw the wight-host into the mortal world once more. Summons a Wight King and a unit of Grave Guard with a combined value of up to 300 points within 36", requires a 25+ to cast.

The Lore of Nehekhara[edit]

Return of the Golden Age The caster focuses his incantations and restores to the army the vigour and might they enjoyed whilst still alive. An Augment that casts on a 20+ and grants +1 Weapon Skill, Strength and Initiative to all friendly models until the start of the caster's next magic phase.

  • A fantastic buff as it effects all friendly models on the battlefield; it doesn't specify Nehekharan undead or even undead so enjoy your charging WS6, S8, I6 Blood Knights. Even better, Undead Legions are neutral so take some elven allies and enjoy such treats as S7 White Lions or Swordmasters hitting Chosen on 3+.

The Lore of Undeath[edit]

Malediction of Nagash At the Necromancer's command, his enemies feel the looming shadow of undeath fall across them, sapping their strength and endurance. A Hex that casts on a 20+ and halves the Strength of all enemy units within 24" until the start of the caster's next magic phase.

The Lore of the Wild[edit]

Ruiner of the Wrought Slamming his staff into the ground, the bray-shaman unshackles stock and stone from their bondings of artifice, unmaking the enemy's weapons of war. A Hex that casts on a 25" and targets all buildings and war machines on the battlefield. War Machines suffer D3 S10 Hits and buildings must roll a D6 and collapse on a 4+ (roll seperately for all targets). A collapsing garrison inflicts 4D6 S6 hits on any units garrisoned within, and they are destroyed if terrain prevents them being placed at least 1" away from other units or impassible terrain.

The Lore of the Great Maw[edit]

The Great Maw Awakens The butcher joins his own hunger to the Great Maw's, conjuring a bloody whirlpool of rock that sweeps across the battlefield, swallowing enemies whole. Summons a Magical Vortex that Remains in Play, casts on a 20+. Large Round Template. Nominate a direction and roll an artillery dice; the template travels twice that distance in inches, and will move in a random direction for a distance determined the same way. Any model touched by the template must pass an Initiative test or die.

  • It's basically Purple Sun just for ogres, which is a bit crap. It's a good spells and all, but your army is probably the most vulnerable to it and the random movement means it has serious potential to fuck your dudes over. Use with caution.

Spells of the Big Waaagh![edit]

Raise Great Idol Straining and grimacing, the shaman wills an idol of Gork (or possibly Mork) to rise out of the ground. Under the stony gaze of such an idol, greenskins are inspired to further acts of extreme violence. Summons an Idol of Gork that also grants the ability to re-roll failed To Hit rolls to all friendly Orcs & Goblins within 12" of it. Requires a 15+ to cast.

Spells of the Little Waaagh![edit]

Nikkit! Nikkit! The shaman conjures a pair of great green hands, one of which binds the chosen enemy in a vice-like grip, whilst the other rifles through the victim's possessions in search of anything shiny enough to be worth stealing. Direct Damage spell against one enemy character within 24". Victim takes (D6-victim's Toughness) Wounds that ignore armor and loses one magic item of the caster's choice, which the caster can use if they do not already have that kind of magic item.

  • A phenomenal spell. Almost nothing can resist it and it can't be dispelled. You can neuter a lot of special characters by taking a weapon or magic-booster or banner or... Anything. Cackle as your goblin shaman steals the sword of Khaine or the staff of Lileth.

Skaven Spells of Plague[edit]

The Great Red Pox The caster vomits forth a crimson mist that rapidly spreads across the battlefield, causing an instantaneous eruption of fist-sized boils and then a most painful death. Casts on a 25+ and affects all units (friend or foe) within 24". Roll a D6 for each affected unit; on a 4+ (5+ for Skaven Clan Pestilens units), each model in the affected unit must pass a Toughness test or be slain.

Skaven Spells of Ruin[edit]

Pit of the Underworld The caster strains his mind to open a great rent in the earth. The target site begins to shake until the ground gives way to a vast pit that drops into the darkness below. Cast on a 25+. Place a marker anywhere on the battlefield, and at the start of each subsequent magic phase, roll a D6. On a 5+, center the Large Round Template over the marker; any buildings touched are destroyed (with any garrisoned troops in them) and models must pass an Initiative test or be slain.

The Lore of Tzeentch[edit]

Daemonfire Vortex A prismatic haze erupts from the wizard's hand and rages across the battlefield, consuming everything in its path. Summons a Magical Vortex that Remains in Play, casts on a 25+. Large Round Template. Nominate a direction and roll an artillery dice; the template travels twice that distance in inches, and will move in a random direction for a distance determined the same way. Any model touched by the template suffers a wound on a 4+ with no armor save allowed.

The Lore of Nurgle[edit]

Grandfather Nurgle's Circle of Life There is a fragment of the Plaguefather in every living thing. A wizard who casts this spell will discover the truth of the matter. Direct Damage spell that casts on a 25+ and has range 36". It inflicts 5D6 hits that ignore armor and wound on a 4+, and if at least 10 wounds are inflicted, it summons a Great Unclean One or a Nurgle-marked Daemon Prince worth up to 375 points, depending on whether the caster was a Daemon or a Chaos Sorcerer.

  • Expensive but a good solid spell. Decent range and lets you throw a bucket of dice at stuff. The added demon is a reasonable possibility by the way, only needing a little over average rolling for either hits or wounds and that is a powerful dude for your team.

The Lore of Slaanesh[edit]

Song of Seduction Every man has his price, even if he knows it not, and Slaanesh's wizards can divine such things whilst magic flows strong. A Remains in Play Hex spell that casts on a 20+ and targets a unit within 24". Target unit reduces its Leadership by 2 and switches loyalty, fighting on the caster's side. It gets to make a Leadership test on its modified Leadership at the start of each subsequent Magic Phase; success dispels the Song of Seduction.

Custom Mission End Times Spells[edit]

Certain Narrative Scenarios include End Times Spells unique to that scenario.

The Khaine crunchbook contains the spells Power of the Moonspire from the scenario "Battle of the Moonspire" (casts on a 20+, only castable if the caster is in the Moonspire and the Daemon General is destroyed, instantly wipes out all Daemons on the battlefield) and Vengeance of Ausryan from the scenario "The Final Battle" (summons one of ten unique entities called Phoenix King Spirits).