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2E/3E: Pickaxe
5E: Clawed fist over a wheel of lightning
Aliases Father of all Children, Ruler of Heaven, Soldier of all the Lands, Srtychik Ozon (Uncle Lightning Bolt)
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank 2E/3E: Greater God
5E: Lesser God
Pantheon Sumerian, Untheric
Portfolio Air, war
Domains Good, Luck, War
Home Plane Great Wheel: Great Mountain of the East (Elysium)
World Tree: Zigguraxus
Worshippers Dragonborn of Tymanther
Favoured Weapon Heavy pick

Enlil is the head of the Sumerian and Untheric pantheons, and the god of air and war.

In the Forgotten Realms[edit]

Enlil, like the other Untheric gods, came to Toril after Ao allowed them entry, where upon his manifestation helped in freeing the mulani from slavery under the wizard-kings of Imaskar. In the final battle, arouns -2488 DR, he, along with the other gods, turned the fertile lands of the Imaskari into the Raurin desert. Enlil then lead the mulani to the western coast of the Alambar sea, where the nation of Unther was founded, and which he ruled for over a thousand years.

In -1081 DR, the last remaining Imaskari wizard opened a portal to another world, and from there hordes of gray orcs came through to conquer the lands of Unther and Mulhorand, leading to the manifestations of the gods fighting against the avatars of the orcish gods. Most of the Untheric gods died in these battles, and in -734 DR, Enlil left Toril, leaving his son Gilgeam as the ruler of Unther.

It wasn't until 1486 DR when Enlil returned to Toril, stopping Tymanther's return to Abeir and manifesting in the form of a dragonborn. He then declared the dragonborn of Tymanther as his new people and chose Kepeshkmolik Dumuzi as his chosen. He eventually negotiated with Asmodeus to resurrect Nanna-Sin as an immortal in exchange for her divinity, which also brought back Azuth.


Before he left, Enlil appeared as a tall man, with a dark and weighty beard and curly hair. He wore a war helm that was immune to any attack or harmful substance, and wielded an unbreakable stone axe that could disenchant any weapon it struck.

After his return, he appeared as a black-scaled dragonborn with golden eyes, surrounded by a lightning storm.