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Enmitic Weapons are a new type of Necron weapons. What these things are, we have no fucking clue as the word Enmitic does not exist in the English language. The closest we could get is that it may be spawned from the word 'enigmatic', which essentially means "mysterious".....which basically tells us nothing about these guns. 'Enmity' is also a word, meaning "The quality of being an enemy", something with enmity could be described as 'Enmitic'. This also tells us precisely nothing about these guns. From the 9th Ed Necron Codex, Enmitic Weapons creates pulses which when hit causes the victims atoms to be repelled from each other violently. Functionally the same as Necron Gauss weapons (both are disintegration rays) but more violent. Imagine something akin to the District 9 microwave gun. Still have no idea why its called Enmitic however. They obviously turn friendly and connected atoms into terrible enemies. And two enemy atoms in close proximity gets so mad that they turn the other way in order to avoid each other. Genius GW strikes again

Enmitic Disintegrator Pistol[edit]

Enmitic Disintegrator Pistol

The small kid brother of the family.

The Enmitic Disintegrator Pistol(s) are the main weapons of the gunslinger extraordinaire, the Hexmark Destroyer. The Destroyer holds SIX of these bad boys, allowing the Destroyer to go guns blazing like something out of an old Western. Nevertheless, as a pistol, its range ain't impressive, although its effective firing range is the same as the much larger Enmitic Annhilator. So pound for pound, it has a faster fire rate than its big bro.

Rules wise, the Enmitic Disintegrator Pistol is an 18" Pistol 1 weapon. Pretty long range for a pistol. It is S6 and AP-1, allowing it to punch straight through MEQs (Trust us, with the buffed Primaris Marines, that is a good thing) whilst dealing 1 damage per shot. Whilst that 1 damage may not sound like a lot, do take note that the Hexmark Destroyer has, and I shall repeat, SIX of these damned things. Six shots equal bye bye Primaris Marines Sadly you're averaging one dead Marine per turn, two dead Marines on a really good roll, and even then only if your exploding dice are equally good.

Enmitic Annihilator[edit]

Enmitic Annihilator

The Enmitic Annihilator is a type of Necron weapon used by Skorpekh Lords.

It is the only known ranged weapon of the Skorpekh Lord and is considered as the Plasma Cannon of the family. Despite this, the sheer UNIT of the Skorpekh Lord makes the weapon appear and function more like a pistol. Despite this, it falls short of the horde beatstick known as the Enmitic Exterminator, so it is treated more as a support weapon than the primary gun.

Crunchwise, despite its size, it's got shortish range at 18", but 2d3, S6, AP-1 Blast shots are a nice starting point to give the lord just enough shooting power to take the edge off whatever he's about to puree with that giant claw of his. This thing deals with horde armies, especially tarpitters, so if you wanna trim the ensuing meat wave into manageable meat chunks, this is the gun for you.

Enmitic Exterminator[edit]

Enmitic Exterminator

Enmitic Exterminator is a type of Necron weapon used by Lokhust Destroyers and are the big proverbial fuckstick of the family. Looking like a giant brick filled with a bundle of glowing PCP pipes. This six-barrelled FUCK OFF cannon is used to completely assrape whoever pissed off the local Overlord in the morning.

On the tabletop, the Enmitic Exterminator is your primary anti-infantry weapon for your Lokhust Heavy Destroyer. A 36" Heavy 3D3 weapon. This heavy sone-of-a-gun is a S7, AP-1 Blast weapon that deals 1 damage per shot. Horde armies are gonna melt and MEQs are going to cry bitter tears as a single blast wipes half the squad from the face of the earth duck for cover as this thing pumps out the damage the Hexmark Destroyer only wishes he could. With the beefed-up Primaris in 9th Ed, you NEED it.

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