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An Enoulian warrior expresses his opinion on the Imperium.

Enoulians are a xenos species that populate the Calixis Sector, though experts suggest they might come from the Halo Stars. They shine for their above average hatred for the Imperium and humanity.


Most enoulians are described as being humanoid beings, around 1.5 meters tall and not very muscular. Their faces have little to no special traits, being mostly featurless. Their eyes are slanted and simplistic, just pupils with a vertical shape. Their nostrils are not protected by a nose or something similar, being two vertical slits on their face. Their body secretes an oily substance that both gives them a yellow-green colour and makes them ungrabbable. Indeed it is said that they lack most forms of friction on their bodies, which makes us wonder how they can even grab stuff with their hands. They communicate among themselves with grunts and whispers, but they are able to speak Low Gothic if needed, albeit very roughly.

The Enoulian and Mankind[edit]

The enoulians were one of the many, many xenos species that Humanity steamrolled during the Great Crusade and beyond. Experts believe their homeworlds were destroyed during one of the Legion's campaigns throughout the galaxy, and that has generated a deep hatred for the Imperium. Indeed, it is said that an enoulian only needs the sight of an Imperial Aquila to enter REEEEEE mode and go on a murder spree of humans. Fights between the enoulians and Imperial forces show their advanced technology (though not nearly as advanced as many other elusive xenos species), mostly crystal-based knives and guns.

Another thing of interest is that they use as a trade unit things such as bodies, bones and other similar stuff. This has made many Ordo Xenos' experts believe that their hatred for Humanity is making them slowly fall to Chaos, and they may use those things to fuel dark rituals. So you can imagine this puts their extermination as a very high priority.

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