Ereth Khial

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"Save me from the Pale Queen! Save me!"

Kerillian, asking her lumberfoot, mayfly teammates to save her from the dead goddess

"Pale Queen, shield me from sight."

Kerillian the Shade, asking her goddess to gives her invisibility just so she could stab some mayfly fool really hard in the back

Ereth Khial, the Pale Queen is the High Elf goddess of the dead. She is second in power only to Asuryan (which means she is stronger than the war god Khaine! Scary thought).

Warhammer Fantasy[edit]

A very powerful goddess who once tried to suck Asuryan's dick while he was passed out on the couch watching Blood Bowl reruns. He woke up and banned her from ever entering his house again, which pissed her right the fuck off. But because she can't do anything to him personally, she decided to take it out on mortal elves.

She established her own realm seperate from the divine plane of the elves. With blackjack, and elf hookers!

While the favored servants of the elf gods dwell in their respective domains, and kings and high nobility live with Asuryan, mortal elves of low class and no renown who would normally dwell on Ulthuan through the Waystones forever are dragged by her servants, banshee-like creatures called rephallim, to her hell-like underworld where they are tortured constantly. While sometimes Slaanesh gets to snag an elf soul that dies too far from a Waystone, if their patron god wasn't paying attention at the time, he has to compete with Ereth Khial for them. Generally speaking, as an evil god, she's not worshipped. However those elves too afraid of being eaten by Slaanesh and thus ceasing to exist offer her prayers in hopes she'll get them first. Society frowns on this greatly, and there's a stigma that only the truly insane worship her (at least amongst the High Elves and Wood Elves).

The Dark Elves worship her and the rest of the Cytharai openly and she is honoured by her mortal subjects. It is a good thing too because it is said if she were ever angered like she was when Asuryan spurned her advances then she would raise the dead and unleash them on the living.

The End Times[edit]

The High Elf and only survivor of Eltharion's expedition force to rescue the Everchild Aliathra, Eldrya, was revealed to be the reincarnation of Ereth Khial. Lileath, under the guise of a thrall, visited Eldrya in the cage which Vlad von Carstein had imprisoned her, and taught Eldrya how to use her divine power. It was Lileath's plan for Eldrya to rescue as many as possible Elvish souls lost during Rhana Dandra from Slaanesh's clutch.

Sometime after the sunken of Ulthuan, Eldrya fully accepted her role as Ereth Khial and ruled over her own realm, Hel. No further word on whether she survived the end of the world and transited to Age of Sigmar.Though given that Nagash consumed all of the other Gods of death in AoS...


Her name appears to be a reference to Ereshkigal, the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld.

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