Erevan Ilesere

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Erevan Ilesere
Starburst with asymmetrical rays
Aliases The Chameleon, the Trickster
Alignment 3E/5E: Chaotic Neutral
4E: Unaligned
Divine Rank Intermediate Deity
Pantheon Seldarine
Portfolio Mischief, Change
Domains 3E: Chaos, Elf, Luck, Trickery
5E: Trickery
Home Plane Great Wheel: Arvandor (Arborea)
World Tree: Arvandor
Worshippers Bards, Rogues, Revelers, Sorcerers, Tricksters
Favoured Weapon Quickstrike (Short Sword)

Erevan Ilesere is the elven deity of mischief and mayhem.

One of a small group of deities that include Garl Glittergold, Tymora and Brandobaris, they make it their job to play pranks on other deities. Labelas Enoreth frequently loses patience with him, and his pranks have brought the ire of Bane and Loviatar.

The only time that Erevan seems to settle on anything is when Elves are threatened, where he can become a deadly opponent in his own right. He is occasionally seen as the champion of the underdog, but also sometimes as the tireless defender of green elves wherever they are. He is also the patron of faerie folk such as sprites and includes them in many of his revels.

He is closely associated with a dragonic companion, who changes from edition to edition. In AD&D it was a mercury dragon known as Avachel, who Erevan ascended to demigod status after the dragon assisted a band of green elves defeating an invasion of humans. In later editions the draconic companion is either Aasterinian or Hlal (or both when one is considered an aspect of the other). Either way, Erevan and his draconic companion are considered inseparable and act as inspiring exemplars to young elven adventurers.


His cult is an energetic one; his clerics are not permitted to worship him in the same location twice and they have no heirarchy, mostly because no-one can be bothered to coordinate them, so his priests keep on moving. They are also unpredictable and wild, often upsetting the established order just for the sake of it. His priests have no formal duties, and primarily lead through anarchic example.

Each month his followers hold a midnight gambol, which is held at a different secret location each time, where they spend the entire night dancing, boozing, boasting and pranking each other. If outsiders happen to locate the party through their own ingenuity then they are permitted to join with no stigma whatsoever, though they'll still have to put up with a group of rambunctious drunken elves.


Erevan Ilesere generally roams Arvandor wherever he feels like and does not settle down in any one place. However he does have a permanent domain nestled within the roots of the World Tree near the village of Gnarl. The realm is an sprawling, ever shifting palace of stone and crystal, guarded by ingenious traps and tricks.

In his realm there is a permanent portal to Hlals divine realm in the lower reaches of Dragon Eyrie, demonstrating the deep link the two deities share with one another.

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