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An oak tree
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Greater God
Pantheon Cerilian
Portfolio Forests, hunting
Domains None
Home Plane Nature's Rest (Outlands)
Worshippers Barbarians, druids, rangers, most Rjurik
Favoured Weapon Greataxe, spear

Erik, also called Aeric and Iraikhan, is the Cerilian god of forests and hunting, and the patron god of the Rjurik. He's the husband of Avani and father to Laerme.


Erik was originally druid among the Rjuven, the ancestors of the Rjurik, and the son the high durid Njarl Sunbow, eventually succeeding him. When the gods battled at Mount Deismaar, Erik was the chosen champion of Reynir, and with the gods death, Erik succeeded him as the god of forests and the Rjuven, taking the name Rjurik in honor of their new god.


Erik has many forms that he prefers to take. His most common one is that of a bare-chested, strong warrior with an iron-gray beard, dressed in a great kilt with various shades of green on black, armed with a greataxe and a spear. Another preferred form of his is that of an old man with a green, mossy beard and bark-like skin. His lesser forms are those of a majestic, towering pine rising out of a rocky tor, and a random forest creature, which he uses to test his followers.


The Rjurik are the main worshippers of Erik, with the Khinasi, their lands being largely desert, having no worshippers of the Old Father of the Forests. Erik only asks that his worshippers safeguard wilderness, and take only what they need from nature's bounty, with tales being told of those who take and abuse nature for their personal gain. Midsummer's Day is the main holy day of Erik, with the druids gathering the necessary ingredients for their rites and spells during the night of Midsummer's Eve.

The church of Erik is largely unified, with the only differences being political in nature and usually between the traditionalist Emerald Spiral and the urban Oaken Grove of Erik. There are no clerics in his church, only druids. The druids main duties revolve around protecting their charges from the dangerous aspects of nature, along with ensuring that they don't offend Erik and that he's seen as the greatest of the gods, at least in the Rjurik Highlands.

The Emerald Spiral[edit]

The traditionalists among the Erik worshippers in the Rjurik Highlands, they seek to keep the Rjurik in their traditional ways, as nomadic people who don't need cities and contact with outsiders. They see the people from other lands as a harmful thing for the people, making them weaker and more dependant on the outsiders. The Rjurik can survive just fine with the help of Erik, who protects nature so it can provide for the Rjurik, not anyone else. They are fine with some settling down to farm and trade with other Rjurik, but not anyone else.

Oaken Grove of Aeric[edit]

The church of Erik in Anuire, with it being mainly centered in Dhoesone, Cariele, and Mhoried. They don't care about the politics between the churches in the Highlands, though they are closer to the Oaken Grove of Erik, being more concerned with ensuring the protection of Anuirean wilderness and resources. They're fighting a losing battle in Cariele against the guilds, but they're more popular in Dhoesone and Mhoried.

Oaken Grove of Erik[edit]

The more urban church in the Rjurik Highlands. They don't oppose the traditional ways, but think that the Emerald Spiral is too mired in the past, willing to keep the people stagnant as the world changes around them. To them, the Rjurik have remained largely the same despite outside influences, and that nature simply can't provide for all the Rjurik, no matter how much care is put, and they need materials unavailabe in their lands so trade with outsiders is necessary.

Old Father of Forests[edit]

The church in The Great Bay, the land of the Brechtür. Much like the Emerald Spiral, they're traditionalists who guard the forests against the greed of men and beasts. Mainly centered in Coulladaraight, as their members are druids, rangers, and other who derive their livelyhood from the forest.

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