Erik Mona

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Erik Mona (with a K) is /ourboy/ made good.

Mona more than anybody led the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons resistance during the bad years. He focused on Greyhawk at first, tearing into Rose Estes' novels and other horrendous content which nu-TSR foisted upon us, like WG10: Child's Play. He also kicked off the Oerth Journal, serving the Greyhawk fandom in much the way that Pandius and Threshold served Mystara.

When Williams lightened up a bit and especially after Wizards of the Coast took over, those designers with a clue - Monte Cook, Steve Miller - treated Mona as our Tribune Of The Plebs, which he pretty much was. It's in large part thanks to Mona that the Living Greyhawk community and its Gazetteer became so well received. Mona also helped playtest a lot of content even where he didn't write it himself.

In 2004 Paizo appointed Mona to run Dragon and Dungeon; on leaving the latter in 2006, Mona became head-publisher of all Paizo. Which set him up to get Pathfinder up and running.