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A blood-stained sickle and hog-slaughtering knife, crossed over an orb of night sky glittering with stars.
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank Unknown
Pantheon Ravenloft
Portfolio Death, Trickery, Mischief, Malice, Cruelty, Murder
Domains Chaos, Death, Evil, Trickery
Home Plane Demiplane of Dread
Worshippers Gundarkite Rebels, Necromancers, Murderers, Madmen, Tricksters
Favoured Weapon Battleaxe

Erlin is a very minor malevolent deity in the Dungeons & Dragons setting of Ravenloft. Introduced in the first Ravenloft Gazetteer, Erlin is an all-but-forgotten god once worshipped by the denizens of Gundarak; although his worship was dying even with Gundarak's Darklord was alive and enforcing him as the state religion, it has begun to experience a revival as the growing movement of rebellious Gundarkites, pissed at being conquered by another vampire, have begun using him as a cultural symbol to rally around.

Indeed, the idea that he may have budding clerics starting to gain power amongst the rebels, is presented as a Dread Possibility - a bit of "optional" canon left to the individual DM to decide if it applies to their setting or not.

What little we know of the god portrays him as a malicious, scatter-brained trickster, who created death as a cruel joke by tricking the first mortal into believing it was inevitable. Whilst he has authority over the dead, it's the sense of a farmer tending a flock of sheep or a herd of cattle - worse, he's a slacker with a tendency to just let the dead run free until they catch his attention, which is where the undead come from.

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