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Warning. May cause PROMOTIONS!!

The term EroRPG is a weeaboo-style contraction of 'Erotic RPG'. It is used to refer to roleplaying games which are designed to appeal primarily or substantially to the prurient interest. This is not a popular genre, as most fa/tg/uys have little interest in roleplaying sex with the other fa/tg/uys they play with, and girls do not play RPGs to begin with. More seriously, many ca/tg/irls would likely be thoroughly put off by the prospect, and most /tg/-goers are aware enough to realize that it is almost always at odds with the tone of most games. Why only "almost always?" Well, take a guess. You'll notice we also said "most /tg/-goers".

Furthermore, the books themselves tend to be low-budget, small-press, and extremely ill-advised even to their prospective target audience, which one might imagine includes married couples trying to spark up their love life or just trying out "new things". Even in the rare cases (yes they exist, stop laughing) where the game or supplement actually approaches the subject with any sort of maturity (I said stop laughing!), the contents of the crunch tends to "compensate" for that and send most folk into snickering fits at minimum (probably like you right now, you shitter). After all, "adult" =/= "mature", contrary to certain opinions. As such, they are principally regarded as a source of lulz, OH GOD MY EYES, and PROMOTIONS.

Note that to qualify, eroticism must be the intended and primary purpose of the setting or supplement. That is, the contents are supposed to try to get you off as opposed to, say, using sexual acts as an optional means of providing mechanical benefits or even just changes to gameplay that someone might incidentally be into - naturally, this should mean red flags ahoy if such 'optional' scenarios start becoming more and more frequent, or if someone is very determined to be a fucking weirdo (or worse). This also excludes stuff like Poison'd (due to the controversy surrounding a play example that involved sodomizing a corpse) and Human Occupied Landfill (which has templates for all kinds of criminals, including pedophiles).


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