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Warning. May cause PROMOTIONS!!

The term EroRPG is a weeaboo-style contraction of 'Erotic RPG'. It is used to refer to roleplaying games which are designed to appeal primarily or substantially to the prurient interest. This is not a popular genre, as most fa/tg/uys have little interest in roleplaying sex with the other fa/tg/uys they play with, and girls do not play RPGs to begin with (see No Girls on the Internet). Furthermore the books themselves tend to be low-budget, small-press, and extremely ill-advised. They are principally regarded as a source of lulz, OH GOD MY EYES, and PROMOTIONS.


Please note that Poison'd is not considered an EroRPG, despite the fact that during playtests a group decapitated a cabin boy and sodomized his esophagus, gaining a mechanical benefit from the act. The same goes for HoL, despite the presence of an openly pedophilic character template.