Eternal Sentinels

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Eternal Sentinels
Battle Cry Eternally watching over those we love.
Number Unknown
Founding M40
Successors of Blood Angels
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Drogan Ross
Primarch Unknown
Homeworld George XXXV
Strength Over 1000
Specialty Drop pod and Mounted Combat
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Mithril silver with a golden-yellow trim.


The Eternal Sentinels were born when Chief Librarian WRITEFAG rolled up a Space Marine chapter in using the Space Marine Chapter Creation Tables and decided to make them even unluckier then the Flesh Helms and the Lamenters. The result was this shit. Remember, this is a WIP. Finally done, just need to do the links.


The Eternal Sentinels were created using the Space Marine Chapter Creation Tables of the Deathwatch game.. They wear silver and gold power armor,and their symbol is a golden eye in front of a sun cross. They were founded in M40 as a counter to Hive Fleet Chimaera. Their progenitor is unknown, although many suspect it is the Blood Angels, due to the fact that the Sentinels little nubs in their shoulders and stronger than usual chest muscles that may indicate descent from Sanguinius. The gene seed is Altered Stock, as they have Over-sensitive Occulobes, allowing them to see in near blackness like it is fully lighted. They are considered heretics because they are known allies of Eldar Craftworld Yggdrasil. Their homeworld is George XXXV, where the Machina is kept safe, far from those who would do it harm, such as the Tyranids and the forces of Chaos.



The Eternal Sentinels have the Eldar Craftworld Yggdrasil to count on as allies, as they are also fierce enemies of the Hive Fleet Chimaera. They are particularly allies with the Harlequin elite troop, the Laughing Phantoms. They also depend on the freeblade Imperial Knight House House Excalibur to supply them with Neophytes from the resident people, as they respect the Knights if House Excalibur as gods. The Eternal Sentinels also count on the Order of the Red Gaze to provide them with air and Titan support.


If you think about it, the Eternal Sentinels have several enemies. These include:

-Hive Fleet Chimarea

-Most Space Marine Chapters (Except the Reasonable Marines and the Lamenters)

-The Dark Eldar

-The Orks

-The Necrons

-All 5 Official Battle Sister Orders (Not the Order of the Red Gaze however)

-The Forces of Chaos

-The Inquistion

Troop Info[edit]

Becoming a Sentinel[edit]

The trial to become a Neophyte is not hard, but the road to take the trial is very difficult without the proper help. If not sent by House Excalibur, a wannabe Neophyte will have to locate the crashed flagship of the Eternal Sentinel fleet. Once there, the Neophytes perform the simple task of watching a candle dwindle. In preparation, the Neophytes are not allowed to sleep for 3 days. The ones who stay awake are sent away. It is only those who know they must rest, in order to better watch the candle later, who become Eternal Sentinels.

Chapter Divergences[edit]

The Eternal Sentinels are a Divergent Chapter, and is severely different from other Chapters. For one thing, as they are technically heretics, they have no Techmarines. They also use a Bolter that is modified to fit a scope and a silencer. The Chaplains are given bone supplements that allow the wing like growths on the back of an Eternal Sentinel to go to adulthood, and can be seen swooping around the battlefield.

Important Personnel/Rules[edit]

Chapter Master Drogan Ross:[edit]

The current Chapter Master of the Eternal Sentinels, as well as one of the few Contemptor Dreadnoughts of the Sentinels. He, unlike other Dreadnoughts, is actually active and updated in the day to day affairs of the Sentinels. So much, in fact, that in the dedicated Fortress-monastery of the Eternal Sentinels, the hallways were specifically built for his size.

WS BS S F S R I A HP Unit Type Composition Point Cost
Drogan Ross 5 4 7 13 13 12 4 3 5 Vehicle (Walker) Drogan Ross 230 points

Special Rules:
-Furious Charge
-Master of Machines: In a primary detachment where Drogan is an HQ, Dreadnoughts are Troop Choices.
-Preferred Enemy (Tyranids)

-Power Fist w/ Built in Storm Bolter
-Twin Linked Heavy Bolter
-Smoke Launchers
-Armoured Ceramite

Relic of the Eternal Guard - Doombringer

Range S AP Type
- U x 2 + 1 2 Melee, Strikedown, Power Failure

Power Failure: Every time you miss with this weapon, roll a D6. On a roll of a 1, Doombringer ceases functioning and counts as a normal Dreadnought CCW.

Master Chaplain Eric Emyrs:[edit]

The Master Chaplain and 4th Company Captain. He has XBAWKS HUEG wings, around 6'. Pretty much this guy.

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type Composition Point Cost
Eric Emyrs 7 5 7 5 3 5 4 10 2+ Flying Monstrous Creature 1 (Unique) 125 points

Special Rules:
-Eternal Warrior
-Independent Character
-Master of the Angels: This model can join squads of Jump/Jet Pack infantry with the "And They Shall Know No Fear" special rule.
-God on Earth: Eric is exactly like a FMC except he does not have the Smash and Fear special rules.

-Master Crafted Storm Bolter
-Artificer Armor
-Sword of Tears

Relic of the Eternal Guard - Sword of Tears

Range S AP Type
- U 2 Melee, Instant Death, Concussive,

Scout Commander Richard Uriel:[edit]

The Commander of the 10th(Scout) Company. He has night-vision and a robotic arm. So, pretty much grit. Lots and lots of grit. Perhaps even...true grit?

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type Composition Point Cost
Richard Uriel 7 7 5 4 2 6 4 10 4+ Infantry (Character) 1 (Unique) 90 points

Special Rules:
-Acute Senses
-Move Through Cover
-Night Vision
-Get 'Em Boys: In a primary detachment where he is the HQ, Scouts gain Acute Senses and Deep Cover
-Deep Cover: Uriel is not affected by Ignore Cover weapons.

-Astartes Sniper Rifle
-Needle Pistol
-Krak Grenades
-Frag Grenades
-Ol' Betsy

Relic of the Eternal Guard - Ol' Betsy

Range S AP Type
Template 7 3 Torrent (6"), Ignores Cover, Master Crafted

Copy Pasta[edit]

Eternal Sentinels

Colours: White and Gold

War Cry: Always watching. Always faithful.

Why Was the Chapter Founded: Counter to….

When Was The Chapter Founded: M40

Who Was the Chapter’s Progenitor: Unknown

Gene Seed Purity: Altered Stock

Chapter Demeanor: Brothers in Battle

Mutation: Oversensitive Occulobe

Chapter Flaw: We Stand Alone

Figure of Legend: Chief Librarian Arthur Domingus

Deeds of Legend: Faced the Crimson Flesh with Deadly Laughter and Gloriana Empyrean

Chapter Homeworld: Fleet-based/Medieval (Flagship crashed on George XXXV, fleet uses it as base.)

Terrain: Ice

Rule of Homeworld: Distant rule (Children are taken when they are 10, never seen again.)

Chapter Organization: Divergent Chapter

Combat Doctrine: Drop Pod (Kharybdis Assault Claw)

Special Equipment: Rare Weaponry (One Imperator-Class Titan)

Chapter Beliefs: Revere the Trio (Domingus, Empyrean, and Laughter)

Strength of Chapter: Over Strength

Allies: The Order of the Red Gaze and the Laughing Phantoms (Harlequin Shadow Spectres)

Enemies: Hive Fleet Chimaera

Special Rules[edit]

Chapter Tactics:

Monster Hunters

Flight of the Sentinels: Once per game at the beginning of their movement phase, a unit with this special rule can activate Flight of the Sentinels. Wings extend from their back, reshaping bones and breaking through skin and armor. By passing a Toughness test, models affected by it become Jump Infantry and gain Hatred, Zealot, and Rampage. Those who fail the Toughness test are mutated beyond repair; remove them from play. After one turn, their flight is done. The unit default backs to their regular form.

Preferred Enemy: Tyranids

Deathwatch Rules[edit]

Solo Mode Ability:

Tabletop: Reroll failed overwatch shots, and each unit can Overwatch twice.

Deathwatch: At Rank 1, re-roll any failed Perception and Survival Tests. At Rank 4, +10 to all Perception and Survival Tests. At Rank 8, add a bonus degree of success to all Perception and Survival Tests.

Squad Mode Attack Pattern: Siege Breaker

Tabletop: When in Unit Cohesion, all shots have the Preferred Enemy (Model in Cover).

Deathwatch: While this ability is in effect, any in Support Range may re-roll Damage rolls against enemies in cover.

Squad Mode Defense Stance: Courage Under Fire

Tabletop: When in Unit Cohesion, all models are immunte to pinning.

Deathwatch: While this ability is in effect, any in Support Range can recover from being Pinned. At Rank 4, those in Support Range can also take a half move as a free action.

Chapter Advance Table (Deathwatch only): No Respite for the Enemy

Dodge, Skill, for 100 XP. no Prerequisite

Dodge +10, Skill, for 200 XP. Requires Dodge

Dodge +20, Skill, for 200 XP. Requires Dodge +10

Tactics (any), Skill, for 100 XP. no Prerequisite.

Tactics (any) +10, Skill, for 100 XP. Requires Tactics.

Tactics (any) +20, SKill, for 100 XP. Requires Tactics +10.

Mighty Shot, Talent, for 400 XP. Requires BS 40.

Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic), Talent, for 400 XP. Requires BS 35, AG 35.

Two Weapon Wielder (Melee), Talent, for 400 XP. Requires WS 35, AG 35.

Gunslinger, Talent, for 600 XP. Requires BS 40. Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic).