Ether-Swimming Brood

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Essentially what they look like. The proverbial flying dildoes.
Ether-Swimming Brood in Battle Fleet Leviathan.

Ether-Swimming Broods are small swarms of void-capable Tyranid organisms that are launched against enemy vessels from larger Bio-Ships.

These cone-headed bio-organisms are armoured by their distinctive heads, which allows them to shrug off blows that would fell any other Tyranid organism before diving down on their targets and unleashing their payloads of explosive spores. They are the equivalent of Attack Craft and more specifically, the assault boats for other races. Only a few squadron of these organisms are shot out in contrast to the swarms of Tyranid Harpies.

It can be argued that the juveniles of these things form the defensive swarm that protects the larger Tyranid Bio-Ships from enemy attack. However, for now it is unconfirmed. What is confirmed is that due to their shape, they bear strong resemblance to the old school models of a Hiveship, albeit, on a smaller scale.

Battlefleet Gothic Armada 1 & 2[edit]

The Ether-Swimming Brood as explained in the fluff, are the Tyranid's analogues of an assault boat while the Harpies function like a fighter. The Tyranids could only launch a few of these and they are by far, the slowest god damned assault boat out of any faction, no contest. Therefore, they should be launched when a bio-ship is at close range so that it could bypass the ships' defences, so special care must be taken so as not to lose these.


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