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Etherscope is a grimdark Gaslamp Fantasy (or at least Screampunk/Cyberpunk hybrid) setting released under the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition ruleset. It takes place on a version of Earth where a radical new theory emerged at the last moment that not only revitalized interest in the seemingly disproven theory of the Luminiferous Ether (no, probably not that one), but proved it to be a reality. The ability to use ether as a fuel source and a medium for conduction ushered in science on a far faster scale than existed in our reality, resulting in a world that, by 1984, had access to genetic engineering technology, cybernetic implants, and virtual reality as a public entertainment medium. Truly, the world is a paradise!

...So long as you ignore the little details. Like the fact that the world is divvied up in a cold war between the British Empire, America, and the German New Reich, none of which have morally progressed beyond the Victorian era in terms of morals. Or that eugenics has remained in vogue to the point that not only does the Eugenics League openly seek to breed a superior strain of humanity, they have engineered slave-races by splicing humans with animal DNA to replace the massacred workforce of Britain after enormous numbers of men, women and children were slaughtered to put down a revolution against the British monarchy. Or the little fact that the etherspace humanity is exploiting just so happens to be Hell, and the local fiends are getting rather ticked off at humanity cluttering up their backyard.

But apart from that, everything's peachy! Right?